Wave’s integrations with ETSY, PayPal and ShoeBoxed


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Wave’s integrations with ETSY, PayPal and ShoeBoxed

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Brooke (Wave)

Brooke: So that is also under the account tab. If you click on integrations, this is where you'll notice that we do have a couple integrations; so PayPal is an option and also ETSY. We allow business owners to pull all of their data into Wave from these two applications. And the ETSY community is just they love Wave and it's so amazing to work with all of those guys. We've actually got a couple of our Wave pros who are fully focused on working with ETSY shop owners. So it's been a really fun area for us to help all of these shop owners really succeed with their finances.

Jimmy: Awesome! This is great. But I do see the PayPal there. Correct me if I'm completely off based but let's say I had a store on with WooCommerce on my own WordPress install and I was using PayPal as my payment. Could in theory, all of my transactions there, which are being taken care off by PayPal, be kind of pulled in through PayPal, without having to deal with WooCommerce and all these stuff?

Brooke: I believe so, yes. So it would be full integration to your PayPal account and any transaction that go through there will flow into Wave.