Wave’s recurring invoices, estimates and customer statements


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Wave’s recurring invoices, estimates and customer statements

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Brooke (Wave)

Brooke: Recurring invoices is something that we implemented over the last year I believe and there are couple other features that are really fantastic. They're all listed up on the top here. So, to start with recurring invoicing, there's a couple ways that you can make an invoice recur.

The first is to take an existing invoice and click on customize. And you can actually select right then and there that you would like this invoice to recur. When you click on that, you just select repeat and it brings you to the page where you can really fill out all those details. So whether you would like to repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. What day you want it to start on and when it should end? Essentially, this is just a duplicate of your invoice but you're setting it up to be recurring and you can also copy any email addresses. That will all show up on your invoice tab as well.

Jimmy: Wow! This pretty neat feature to save a lot of time.

Brooke: Definitely! You can create a recurring invoice from this screen as well; a couple of different ways. You just click schedule a recurring invoice. Perhaps you haven't actually sent it out yet and you want to schedule it for the future, you can totally do that.

Jimmy: Okay. What about the estimates and statements features? What's unique about them?

Brooke: Yeah, for sure. Estimates is something actually I have on another screen here. I got some data here to show you. For customer statements it's an awesome way to make sure that you keep track of what each customer owes you on a customer by customer basis. By clicking on statements, you can essentially select a customer; choose a date range; and then, you will basically get this account summary of everything that they owe, whether it's in the past or upcoming in the future up with recurring invoices. Again, you can drill down into any particular invoices on here. So you can send this to the customer, you can preview how it would look to the customer. It's just an awesome way to make sure you're getting paid.

Jimmy: Wow, that's great!

Brooke: Yeah!

Jimmy: What about estimates?

Brooke: On the estimate side, it's very similar. You'll basically have a list of all the estimates that you've created and the status that they're in. I created this one today so it's just a very simple estimate for the customer. It's really close in resemblance to the invoice itself. And then, whenever that customer has approve the estimate, you just simply convert into an invoice which will then put it on your invoices tab. And of course you can do it in a reverse way as well. If you want to create an estimate with an existing invoice, you can do that too.