Xpenditure Tutorials - Adding mileage expenses


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Xpenditure Tutorials - Adding mileage expenses

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bram (Rydoo)

Bram: This is the web interface of your Xpenditure account. When you log in to your accounts via your PC, laptop, any mobile device, you'll be redirected to your Xpenditure dashboard. On the dashboard you will have immediately an overview and some graphs of your expenses per quarter or per month and you'll be capable to find a big green button that you see here, you'll be able to add expenses to your account. We have different possibilities to upload expenses in your Xpenditure account. The easiest way is actually via the mobile app. So we have a mobile application which is available on all platforms and then you can just download it a free of charge in your designated app store and you can start taking pictures of receipts. So you can use the mobile app to upload picture of receipts or you can just log in to your online account as you see here on the dashboard and add expenses, you can upload receipts from your computer, you can take receipts via webcam, you can forward receipts via email so anything you had bought online when you receive the electronic invoice, you can just forward it to receipts at Xpedinture dot com and it will also be uploaded into your account. We have the possibility to create manually expenses. For example, you can create a manual expense if taxi driver run out of receipts. For example, you can create mileage expenses where I'll just show you an example of the mileage expense, you select the dates, you select from, so let's say I was starting on the Avenue of the Americas and I need to go to let's say to Brooklyn Heights, there we go.

So as you can see the distance is automatically calculated. The distance is automatically calculated so it can put as in kilometers or miles according to your personal preferences and again you can link a mileage expense to a certain trip, a project or something, you can leave something in common field but the most important thing here is that everything is calculated automatically based on Google Maps and then you can just save the mileage expense. You can even put up in the settings, this is something that will be covered in the settings as well, your rates that you're using so let's say you can upload mileage rates with a certain rates if you select the rates then the expense total is also automatically calculated and then you can just save it.