Xpenditure Tutorials - Approving expenses


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Xpenditure Tutorials - Approving expenses

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bram (Rydoo)

Bram: So we have an integrated approval role and based on the role you have within the company, you'll going to have different roles in Xpenditure as well. So for teens and corporates, the approval slope is great... this feature ideally for the teens and the corporates. So here and now we can have personal role which means I have a regular user and I can upload and submit my expenses. I can also be an approver in Xpenditure so I'm a manager of certain departments and I'll be able to approve the expense of my team. I can also be a controller which actually our second level of approval. And controllers, mostly people on finance role be able to control all the approve expenses. Once everything has been approved and controlled, they are ready to be reported and this is the part where the role of CFO comes in because people with the role of CFO will have an overview of all the company expenses and will be able to create the necessary reports. So let's say, as a normal user, I've submitted my expenses to my approver and I'm going to take the role now of an approver. There we go. I'm a manager within a company and I will get to my Xpenditure accounts and on my dashboards, I will see any expenses that have been submitted to before approval and the name of the employee to which department he or she belongs, how many expenses and the total amount.

And I will also have a look on or a view on the unsubmitted expenses. You'll always know the amount of money that is still hanging around somewhere within the company. So actually, this is also why we redefined the whole expense management process is that from the moment somebody takes a picture of receipts, you already know as an approver what is coming. You can easily send those users a reminder via the system. The same guys that need to submit your expenses for approval, if you see the amount here if this is too high or your account at the end of the month or you would like to close off a certain period, so this is completely possible. If you click on a certain employee, you will have overview of all the expenses that were submitted. So you'll have the individual amounts and also the total amount of the expenses that were submitted to you. As an approver, you can easily have a quick look at the receipt by doing a mouse hover of the receipt item. Again, you can use filters if you would like to know, only see anything that has been made in cash over the card in central links with a trip or a project. And as well as an approver, you can create your own overview via the columns so you can add any kind of columns you would like to where expenses go. If you have roles activated into your account, we made it very easy for approvers that they can just see immediately which expenses need their extra attention. So expenses where role has been violated will be flagged and marked in red. So as an approver, you may able to see two expenses marked in red that might need my extra attention. So you can just open them up and you'll see the warning that here it is, lunch expenses are limited to 100 Euro per day. So this user has uploaded the receipts of more that is next on budget so an approver is automatically warned. So you can then still say, "Okay, I'm going to approve this expense or reject it". When you reject an expense, you can just provide a reason for rejection, confirm it, and only this expense will go back to the employee for a reason. So instead of, when expense notes... well, mostly the whole expense note goes back to the employee or you can just isolate as to say the expenses you would like to reject, select them, and just say, "I'm going to reject these ones" or you can just select them all and approve them in one go. It might be handy to see as well as an approver, you'll always going to have the other details overview of the expense and also an overview of the expenses during, so when it was submitted, when it was completed, if there's a rejection history you will see it as well but you'll always coming back on the reason why you rejected an expense in the past. Once expenses have been approved, they are ready to be reported. If you have a second level of approval, they need to be controlled as well. It's the same principle as the approver. So controllers, mostly people from the finance departments will have also in their dashboards expenses for controlling and they'll always see as well which expenses needs to do that still needs to be approved.