Xpenditure Tutorials - Creating trips


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Xpenditure Tutorials - Creating trips

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bram (Rydoo)

Bram: People that also are regular business travelers, they can create trips. So you can create your own business trip. For example, let's say create a new trip, you can give a name. For example, conference San Francisco flying from let's say, London - and the dates, let's say the date today, you can give a time if you want to - to San Francisco. There we go. You can save it. Because you've created a trip, anything that you're going to upload based on the start date and the end date of your trip. All the expenses will be automatically link to that specific trip. I'm just going to show you an example. There we go. So you've created a trip. For example here from 23rd August until the 27th, the trip to Cancun and Mexico and anything that was uploaded between the start date and end date of your trip is automatically linked to the trip so that you have a nice overview of what that specific trip cost you or what expenses you had on that specific trip.