Xpenditure Tutorials - Exporting reports


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Xpenditure Tutorials - Exporting reports

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bram (Rydoo)

Bram: Speaker 1: So in the overview of all the expenses, you'll be able to create as well reports. So if you click on the reports, you'll be able to say "Okay, I would like to create a PDF file, a CVS, an XML, an Excel file" and you can just say "Okay, I would like to create a PDF". You can give the report a name, it can be Expenses February 2016. Here as, in my accounts, I'm having several currencies links to my accounts. I can even select if it's just your default currency, your old and see one currency but you can select a designated currency. If you have several currencies in your, and then you can just say "I'm going to export the... all my expenses into a PDF file, can follow the download of the PDF file and you'll have all your expenses in a nice PDF file with also in corresponding receipts in that saying reports and all the reports you create, stay available in your account. You can always follow the downloads of the reports. Once it's finished, you can open it and you'll see all your expenses that you selected. Here we go, yup. So if you open up the PDF file.

Here we go. So you'll have an overview of all your expenses that you've selected and you know summarize by category for example. So you'll have all the categories, designated account and quotes if you have some with all the expenses link to a specific category and the visual amounts and all is a total amounts per category as well. So you'll have an overview in a PDF and always with a corresponding receipts in same PDF which makes it very easy to send over to your accountants because they... you don't have to hassle, you can pay it anymore.

Jimmy: This is a great report with the receipts in the bottom.

Bram: Yeah, so this is... it happens... this happens all... with all the reimburse you create, so you firstly going to have a summary of all their expenses and then automatically the corresponding receipts in that same report. Let's go back to the dashboards, there we go. Here we get the possibility that you have some graphs per month or per quarter to have a look at your expenses and you can even say "Okay, per category for payment method for example and you can see with cards or with cash as you prefer.