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Xpenditure Tutorials - Help & support

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bram (Rydoo)

Bram: So when you are in your expenditure account you’ll see a little question mark here and you will be able to ask questions to our support team. Now you can just start a new conversation and ask anything you would like to know about your account. Any questions you may have our support team will react or respond to you as soon as possible. You also have the possibility to send us an email; support@expenditure.com, or you can always give us a call as well if you should have any questions. But we have an integrated support system in your tool.

You’ll also find a menu by the help button, we have our FAQs where you can just click and you’ll be redirected to the FAQs where you can also find a lot of answers on your questions. The FAQs are ranked by the different kinds of—you can also use the search function to type in any kind of questions you may have. Hence you’ll be able to find a very easy solution on any questions you may have. So for example, let’s say mileage ... You can click on it and you’ll have a probably explanation on how to add a mileage expense or how to create a mileage expense.

On our website we also have the possibility to subscribe for our webinars, so you can follow—subscribe to one of our webinars, follow the webinar where the basic intro to expenditure will be explained to. And you will have the possibility to do a live chat with one of my colleagues to ask or elaborate on any questions you may have.