Xpenditure Tutorials - Managing expenses & receipts


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Xpenditure Tutorials - Managing expenses & receipts

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bram (Rydoo)

Bram: So on the dashboards you also have slide memo which is from menu where you have... you can choose to have an overview of all your expenses. If you click on it, you will have an overview of all the expenses you've already uploaded or created into your account. So a very nice feature that you can use filters to actually show my status for example, to submit, central processing, unreadable, to be verified, approved, etc. So like by dates, form of payments so you can add different kind of payment methods in Xpenditure or you can use all different kind of filters to show the expenses you would like to see. There's also, nice now, is that you can customize your expense overview so here via a little plus icon, you can add columns so if you like to have also for example a project number, Vat amount, foreign amount, you can just add columns, there we go, and if you have any receipts or expenses in a foreign amount, it will show up as well as an extra column. You can easily remove a column just by removing it by clicking on the icon and just putting it and to pin again so you can customize your overview.

So in this overview, you're going to have all the expenses that you're already created or uploaded into your account and let's just have a look at a receipt, here we go. So here you have always the picture of the receipt and Xpenditure is going to read out relevant data of your receipt. So each time you are going to take a picture of the receipt, Xpenditure is going to read out the date of the transaction, merchants, the amounts, the currency. Now these four categories that you see, four fields are read out automatically by our OCR technology. All the other fields that you see here, they can be customized in your account. So you can add, creates your own custom fields, you can add fields, if you like to know immediate with an extent, the category for example, the form of payments, you can add all different kind of payments via your personal settings or your company settings which I will show you a little bit later on how you can create this. So it's actually very easy, just need the picture of receipt and you can add the info you need for your accounting purposes or for... that need to be send over for approval, if you need to send over expense approval to your boss for example, that's all possible. So for example here, let's open up a receipt, okay, so this is a picture of receipt. Receipts don't... even when for example one of the four fields that is read out automatically and if... if Xpenditure couldn't read out the date of your transaction for example because it was a handwritten receipt on a taxi driver, then as a user you'll be notified. That you'll be immediately notified via the app as well, that's okay, you're expense will have to states to be verified and that's we weren't able to read out, the OCR wasn't able to read out the date of your transaction and you can manually overwrite the date of the transaction and state the specific expense.