Xpenditure Tutorials - Mileages, allowances & advanced settings


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Xpenditure Tutorials - Mileages, allowances & advanced settings

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bram (Rydoo)

Bram: In a mileage section of your company settings, you can add mileage categories. For example, you can give a category a name, let's say... we can set the mileage rates per kilometer if you're using to reimburse your employees, let's say 0.5. You can select what kind of currency, the start dates that you would like to ride from, you can limit the rates to certain groups because it can be perfectly possible in companies that certain groups receive another rates and another groups so you can limit the rates of certain groups and then just save it and I will be able to create a mileage expense and I will be able to select from a job avenue to designated rates who only see that specific rates where the calculation is also done automatically. Allowances can be very handy for mostly corporates if companies work with daily allowances. When you have a lot of business travellers, they are going around the world and you made them a daily allowance for that travel and it also depends on where they are going. So we have a fully possible daily allowances features per country, per time period that they're there, - it can be one day or couple of hours, several days - and then the daily allowances are automatically calculated when people are abroad.

So when people for example needs to go to a conference in Europe and they need to go Germany, they're allowed to have a daily allowances, let's say $45 per day then we can immediately allocate it to a certain user and everything will be calculated automatically as well again also, available in all the reporting. In the advance settings, this is where we can make a certain fields required in expense. You can hide a field, remove fields, activate approval model if you need it, activate certain extra fields - anything you would like to know from your employees. Again, very handy for people with several employees with this an approval flow included. You can make field required whenever you want to.