Xpenditure Tutorials - What is Xpenditure


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Xpenditure Tutorials - What is Xpenditure

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Bram (Rydoo)

Jimmy: Hi, and welcome back to another series of GetApp tutorials. Today I am joined by Mr. Bram Van Laar who is a Customer Development Coordinator over at Xpenditure and Xpenditure is an expense management app. Bram, how are you?

Bram: I'm fine, thank you.

Jimmy: Awesome. So let's see, I guess the first question is what are some of the problems that Xpenditure will help a person's solve, what are the problem areas that Xpenditure solves?

Bram: Well, we are going to, yes, save time. It managing the expense notes, your expenses and offer like anything in a real time process, completely digitalized so you can just check pictures of receipts by our mobile app. You don't need to worry about any more about the paper receipts and you can create the necessary reporting whenever you want to.

Jimmy: Awesome. I guess I have a question that pops up which is, how would you answer this, let's say somebody says "Okay, I already have an accounting application, how is Xpenditure going to help me with this, why do I need Xpenditure if I already have an accounting application?"

Bram: Well, an accounting application will not help you in saving time and then here we can just digitalize the receipt by taking a picture with the mobile app. Relevant data will be read out automatically from the receipt so you don't have to add on any additional info to your receipt and just... at the end of the month or at the end of the certain period, you can create a nice report if you can send over to your accounting if you want to but then you have everything in one place and you don't need to worry about paper anymore that you losing receipts or forgot receipts. Once it digitalized in the system, you can just console it at any time and send it over to your accounting for accounting purposes.

Jimmy: Okay. I saw on your site that a lot of amazing companies are using Xpenditure so who are these some of these companies and then after that, how do I know that it's time for me to begin using Xpenditure?

Bram: Well, as we were very generic solution, we have independent using Xpenditure, SME's, bigger SME's, to really big corporates like today we're servicing companies like Deloitte, Go Nuts, Amela, Benoni Car, they're all Master Cards, so they're all... they're blown away by the easy views of Xpenditure if it's... see it come a lot of valuable time by offering a real time solution and completely digitalized, actually the whole expense matters. We really find the expense management as it's... existing today is also were completely eliminating expense note that's most companies even big corporates are using today but with still at paper and a manual process. We digitalize everything. There's a lot of gaining in time. Also you can, yeah, setup via very easy rules that everything is... that the tool is checking the company policy for you and also the approval process is way clearer and faster and people get also reimburse faster than do it manually which is also big advantage for the employee themselves.