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  • Published 20 January 2017 by Lauren Maffeo
    The end of the holidays is sad enough. But once December’s Christmas trees are brought to the curb, small businesses have a new headache to greet them: tax season. The tax management process is usually groaned upon by those without an accounting degree. That’s why finding the right cloud-based tax management software can be such … Continue Reading
    How to Choose Tax Management Software: A Handy Checklist
  • Published 15 December 2016 by Deeksha Malik
    2016 marks the six-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the largest environmental disaster to-date in U.S. history. The economic and environmental impact of the incident was considerable and BP had to spend billions of dollars to settle claims for safety violations, compliance issues, legal implications, environmental damage, amongst other things. Much of this … Continue Reading
    How to Choose the Best Risk Management Software to Fight Fires in Your Business
  • Published 6 December 2016 by Lauren Maffeo
    Did you sleep through your parents’ pre-college lectures about budgets? If so, you might be in a pickle when you need to build your first small business budgeting template. A healthy cash flow lies behind every successful small business owner. But this doesn’t happen overnight, or with “I’ll spend less next month” excuses. It happens … Continue Reading
    How to Choose the Best Software for Your Budgeting Template
  • Published 29 November 2016 by Lauren Maffeo
    Have you ever lost a work-related receipt that you had to expense? It tends to be a one-and-done mistake that puts you on a quest to go paperless. Paying a hotel invoice out of your own pocket can drive even the most organized among us to research the best expense management apps. Expense management apps automate the … Continue Reading
    The Best Expense Management Apps Ranked by Integrations
  • Published 10 November 2016 by Lauren Maffeo
    The gap between using your iPhone for work and play is not as wide as you might think– your device can be just as useful for billing and invoicing as it is for playing Pokemon Go. With the number of software solutions being offered for iOS constantly growing, it’s easier than ever to get things … Continue Reading
    4 Mobile-Friendly Billing and Invoicing Apps for iPhone
  • Published 10 November 2016 by Suzie Blaszkiewicz
    As you and your employees start to travel more in the name of business, you’ll quickly notice how difficult it is to keep up with the cost of car rentals, corporate lunches, and red-eye flights. If you’re feeling swamped trying to keep track all of those expenses, it’s probably time to start using expense management software. With … Continue Reading
    How to Choose Expense Management Software: A Handy Checklist
  • Published 31 October 2016 by Lauren Maffeo
    Billing and invoicing is about as exciting as watching grass grow. That’s why mobile billing and invoicing software is a beautiful thing; it helps you get this job done on the go. And thanks to the rise of cloud-based software, it’s now easier than ever to find billing and invoicing Android apps that suit your needs … Continue Reading
    4 Billing and Invoicing Android Apps to Help You Get Paid Quicker
  • Published 13 October 2016 by Lauren Maffeo
    Ditching your PC to do business on a Mac can be a beautiful thing. But then the reality hits you – “How am I supposed to file my taxes on this thing? Why can’t I use the same accounting software I had on my Windows machine? How am I ever going to file my expenses … Continue Reading
    7 Cool Cloud Accounting Apps for Mac Users
  • Published 20 July 2016 by James Thornton
    [Post updated: July 20 2016] QuickBooks Online has just been crowned king of accounting apps, following the release of GetApp’s Q3 accounting Category Leaders ranking. So we decided to revisit this post that was originally posted on March 31 2016, which explores one of the main factors behind QuickBook’s success in the Category Leaders ranking … Continue Reading
    QuickBooks Integration Guide: Get More From Your Accounting Software
  • Published 8 July 2016 by James Thornton
    Expense apps for Android can turn your phone from a lump of plastic into a servile personal secretary to help you keep up with everything you spend as you go about your business. Or rather, your business’ business. Only the most sadistic among us enjoy filling in expenses, which is why it’s great to have … Continue Reading
    5 Top Expense Apps for Android to Save You Time and Money