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  • Published 26 March 2014 by Stephanie Miles
    Fusebill Review – A complete solution for organizations with complex billing issues Inflexible billing platforms make it difficult for businesses that offer client subscriptions to manage their company finances. Complex price lists, annual renewals, and pro-rated fees are just a few of the advanced-level billing practices that are impossible for most traditional invoicing platforms to handle. … Continue Reading
    Fusebill Review – Automate Recurring Billing
  • Published 19 March 2014 by Stephanie Miles
    MineralTree Review – A great solution for businesses that are interested in streamlining their accounts payable processes.  When it comes to payment software, most businesses are looking for a product that is two things: simple and secure. MineralTree Secure Business Pay is an application that comes through on both counts, providing its users with a straightforward … Continue Reading
  • Published 17 February 2014 by Stephanie Miles
    NetSuite OneWorld Review –  Financial management for high-growth and mid-sized businesses  Global businesses have unique needs when it comes to management and consolidation controls. Being able to handle different currencies, varying taxation laws, and ever-changing reporting requirements is the hallmark of a top-grade enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Since its debut, NetSuite OneWorld has risen to … Continue Reading
  • Published 27 January 2014 by Stephanie Miles
    Gem Accounts Review – Online accounting for medium and large-size businesses Managing financial accounts for a large company is serious business, but that doesn’t mean accounting professionals shouldn’t have a little fun in the process. Gem Accounts is a full-featured cloud accounting system that walks the fine line between light and simple, and heavy and … Continue Reading
    Gem Accounts Review – Serious Business Accounting Tools
  • Published 7 January 2014 by Stephanie Faris
    Adaptive Planning Review – All aspects of budgeting in one place Each year, businesses are challenged to estimate cash flow and expenses for the year, creating budget projections based on guesses and historical data. These businesses can benefit from a tool that automates this process, allowing for more accurate estimates and saving financial executives both … Continue Reading
  • Published 18 December 2013 by Stephanie Faris
    FG Receivables Manager Review – Accounts receivables with intelligence For businesses, keeping track of invoices and payments is extremely time consuming. Invoices can easily fall through the cracks if a business isn’t extremely organized. Funding Gates Receivables Manager seeks to organize the process for businesses of all sizes. This FG Receivables Manager review looks at the … Continue Reading
  • Published 16 December 2013 by Stephanie Miles
    Without a way to easily collect funds from customers, businesses have no way to grow. Because of this, payments and billing are considered to be at the heart of every small business. PaySimple is a thoughtfully designed platform that companies can use to accept payments, streamline their billing practices and make smarter business decisions through … Continue Reading
  • Published 18 November 2013 by Jonathan Garro
    Xero Review – Accounting made easy for small businesses When it comes to your business, few things are more important than keeping your accounts updated and accurate. The challenge of maintaining a single ledger grows as more people become involved, and desktop software can compound this problem if syncing between computers can lead to inaccuracies … Continue Reading
  • Published 11 November 2013 by Stephanie Faris
    Intuit GoPayment Review – For businesses wishing to accept payments on the go Cash-only businesses are losing customers to competitors. With so many options today, businesses can solve that problem using a mobile device and a card reader. Intuit’s GoPayment joins the many solutions providers offering mobile payment options. This Intuit GoPayment review will showcase the … Continue Reading
  • Published 30 October 2013 by Jonathan Garro
    Shoeboxed Review – Scan or mail your receipts to create a searchable database Keeping a meticulous record of your receipts is an essential part of good accounting practices, but with the daily barrage of receipts that a business typically takes in, that can be difficult to accomplish. Shoeboxed helps you save important receipts and make … Continue Reading