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Operations planning software for rescue services

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EDP overview

What is EDP?

EDP is a software for planning vehicle operations. This application has been designed for fire brigades, aid organizations, and rescue and recovery services. EDP gives operations manager an overview of where vehicles are currently deployed and on what orders. Information such as the purpose of each event and the measures taken can all be saved in the software.

Operations managers can send data to their teams at the scene via email. New requests are also saved in the software, enabling managers to see which tasks still need to be scheduled. The client-server software allows several planning stations to be set up using the same data. The software contains a database of buildings and streets with full-text search facilities to quickly locate destinations. The accident relief center is an optional module that helps record patient data, including searches for health insurance cards.

Transmission via the internet is secured with SSL encryption. A severe weather module is also optional. As fire brigades typically experience peak workloads during storms, the module helps prioritize operations and process them in the order of urgency. Operations managers can filter out vehicles with specific equipment and assign them to suitable tasks.


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EDP features

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