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Patient access and care coordination for medical services

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athenaCoordinator overview

athenaCoordinator is a patient care coordination service for medical service providers. Through direct scheduling, athenahealthCoordinator helps clinics to drive network alignment, schedule density, and patient compliance.

The cloud-based care coordination model streamlines the entire order process, addressing the issues that can frustrate health system leaders, strain resources, and threaten the quality of care.

athenaCoordinator simplifies the transmission and receipt of orders, and enables the easy flow of patient information across the care continuum.


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Compliance Management
Workflow Management

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Key features of athenaCoordinator

  • No upfront costs
  • Zero interface fees
  • No monthly minimums
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- For caregivers and staff: An easier, streamlined care coordination process
- For facilities: Clear, complete orders, with accurate clinical information and validated patient data
- For the care community: Better connectivity between practices and facilities
- For patients: An overall improved experience