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Visitor management for hospitals & healthcare facilities

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BreezN overview

BreezN is a visitor management platform for hospitals and healthcare facilities which helps to enhance the overall visitor check-in experience, while providing features for staff and patient safety. The solution allows organizations to pre-schedule visitors, check in walk-up guests, screen visitors, notify staff of arriving visitors, print visitor badges, and more.

BreezN enables hospitals and healthcare facilities to identify their visitors before entry by registering walk-ins at the kiosk, and scheduling visitors in advance. Features for risk management allow users to screen individuals against watch lists, including ex-employees and criminal backgrounds, as well as create a barred visitors list. Users can customize and print badges with photos and information to make visitors easily identifiable.

Individuals can electronically sign legal paperwork before visitors are checked in, and attach personalized hospital documents. With BreezN, hospitals and healthcare facilities are able to reach out to guests after their visit in order to collect survey data and experience feedback.
Users can also view visitor reports by visitor type, date range, and more to see exactly who their visitors are.


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BreezN screenshot: The BreezN dashboard lets users know who is checked in and out, pending approval, or denied entryBreezNBreezN screenshot: Customize visitor badges with the required information BreezN screenshot: Real-time reporting for one location or allBreezN screenshot: View visitor information, details and historyBreezN screenshot: Check in visitors with ID scanning to capture informationBreezN screenshot: Scheduled visitors can check in using the barcode from their appointment confirmation emailBreezN screenshot: Use the iPad to capture visitor pictures to print on badges. Pictures will also show on the visitor detail page.

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BreezN features

Automated Scheduling
Customizable Templates
Electronic Signature Capture
HIPAA Compliance

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Additional information for BreezN

Key features of BreezN

  • Multi-office
  • Patient scheduling
  • Visitor check-in
  • Watch list
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Real-time reporting
  • Historical reporting
  • Out-patient management
  • API
  • Visitor scheduling
  • Visitor registration
  • Risk management
  • Customize badge information
  • Check visitors against watch lists
  • Create barred visitors list
  • Print badges / photos for identification
  • Electronically sign legal paperwork
  • Document management
  • Global templates or custom per location
  • Visitor reports
  • Electronic signatures
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BreezN helps improve visitor and patient experience with fast check-in and watch list screening.

BreezN is HIPAA and HL7 compliant with local and federal standards, and provides full audit trails.

The configurable platform can be customized to suit the specific needs of any hospital or healthcare facility.

BreezN helps deter unwanted traffic and ensure patient and staff safety with printed badges.

Real-time reporting for one location or all, helps reduce administrative burden and enhances visitor insights.

The open API means users can seamlessly integrate BreezN into their current ACS or administrative software.