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Carecenta use case: Priscilla Teachers

Priscilla Teachers

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1st of October, 2016
Very happy with Carecenta

We chose Carecenta because we needed an integrated scheduling, billing and payroll software, and then found that Carecenta enables us to be in compliance with state and federal licensing regulations with our employees as well. We then discovered that Carecenta has a map-based caregiver search feature. I couldn’t believe it. We actually have a system that makes our agency unstoppable.

What do you like best?

While on boarding is always difficult and overwhelming when switching providers, the customer service representative was immensely helpful.

What do you dislike?

When we experienced any bumps in the road, as any agency does, the customer service team has always been prompt to answer questions, research any issues or special requests that we might have.

Why did you end up selecting Carecenta over other applications?

Carecenta seemed more user-friendly, slick, easy-to-use while having a bit more features than Kinnser

If so, why did you switch?

HomeTrak is a Desktop software that you have to be in the office to use. Carecenta full functionality is available anywhere since it's cloud based. Using Carecenta software has made my life as an office manager very easy. I can even utilize the software from my phone. To be honest I was nervous about our transition to Carecenta. But luckily, the customer service team has helped us from the beginning till present and has been amazing.

What is your main use case with Carecenta?

Billing and receiving payments from Medicaid is quick with Carecenta. I really like how billing is electronic. I feel there is room for less error this way and by the end of the day I know that each bill was sent and receive. I like receiving payments the same day that the bill went out. I also like how Carecenta’s customer service is always there. They walked me through software operation the first day and trained my staff.

Give one example how Carecenta has improved the way your organization functions

Our Carecenta WOW moment was in the first month of use. We quickly realized that our accuracy increased and our efficiency went up by 100%. Many hours of manual management were saved and redirected to growing our business. Customer support treated us great! Our data loading experience was simple and fast. We were up and running in days.

What is your ROI?

I got to one person in accounting instead of two which saved me $50,000 year.

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Overall, it's a great software and Carecenta people were very helpful to ensure that we have a smooth experience, which is so important when you provide services.

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6-12 months

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