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Epitomax overview

Epitomax, offered by PsyTech Solutions, is a web-based electronic health records (EHR) platform that offers features such as scheduling, billing, financial management, ad-hoc reporting, and practice management for the needs of professionals in behavioral health market segment. The SaaS based product caters to the needs of both mid-sized and enterprise level behavioral health agencies across the United States.

Epitomax facilitates clinical management by automating functions ranging from document assessment to discharge summary; the clinical management module offers features such as customized documentation of workflows, offering progress notes linked to treatment plan, providing configurable clinical forms, and capturing client signature electronically. The financial management module of the solution offers a built in accounts receivable functionality that shortens receivable cycle and improves cash flows; some of its key features include electronic billing and remittance, flexible payment rules, compliance with HIPAA, client billing & re-billing, and invoicing. The practice management module of Epitomax enables users to streamline the delivery of behavioral health services by offering features such as action lists that are clickable reports reminding staff members of upcoming tasks, sending appointment reminders, scheduling appointments, automating tasks, tracking program milestones, and providing service activity analysis.

Epitomax is used by organizations in several mental & behavioral health specialties such as addiction treatment and mental health, outpatient & inpatient services, day treatment, residential & community medicine. The product integrates with third party reporting tools such as Crystal and Access for enhanced reporting. Epitomax also offers staff trainings, customer support, and billing services for enhanced experience.


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Epitomax screenshot: Epitomax account enquiry page view with account receivable detailsEpitomax Demo- Scanning a Driver's LicenseEpitomax screenshot: Epitomax clinician dashboard page view with documentation statusEpitomax screenshot: Epitomax patient appointment dashboard page view with appointment schedulingEpitomax screenshot: Epitomax staff attendance management page viewEpitomax screenshot: Epitomax staff productivity reporting page viewEpitomax screenshot: Epitomax works across Web based platforms including tablets

Epitomax reviews

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Michael Wolfe

My Review, Oo Poopah Doo

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-09-11
Review Source: Capterra

Never thought I'd say this: give me back my paper file. At least I can find details quickly instead of searching through endless progress notes looking for some important information (how many kids did she say she had?)Scheduler , monthly view. Review function for docs.

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Melody Enghofer

Function over form - does what you need but doesn't look super sexy

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-07
Review Source: Capterra

I work at a counseling center. Previous to using this program we had two separate databases - one for writing required paperwork and the other for scheduling. We also had tons of excel documents and various tracking mechanisms that we had to do by hand because we had two separate systems that didn't communicate with each other. Epitomax made it so that we could do everything in one place - scheduling, paperwork, generating billing, ect. It also created checks and balances - we know if paperwork isn't getting done, we don't bill unless prwrk is complete, we have functions to make sure we don't schedule clients with someone who can't take their insurance, ect. We also aren't responsible for the server maintenance. Overall, it was a great move for our business! It was a lot of work to get things set up but it was worth the investment and made us able to grow and expand. We have opened up several new site locations since starting this program and it makes it so much easier to do that because we already have a system in place. It's web based so it goes wherever we go!It does everything you need! You can schedule appointments, do paperwork electronically, creating billing from within the system. There are tracking mechanisms and a query tool so you can get stats and information you need to track different aspects of your business. It can also be customized to what you need.

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Jeanne Shepherd

Converting to electronic medical records with Epitomax worked really well for our non-profit.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-29
Review Source: Capterra

Timely and all needed staff access to client information and treatment documentation electronically and in a online system that can be accessed at any time and any location. Ability to run reports for data enriched analysis of our programs and services, staff productivity, quality assurance, etc. The feature in Epitomax I appreciate the most is the ability to customize clinical forms and treatment plans. At any time, our clinical team can add or delete individualized treatment plan goals and objectives. The system is not static, but set up as dynamic to change and evolve with our changing needs. We are highly pleased with the individual therapy progress note that was developed for us personally by the Epitomax forms team during our set up time. It is an elegant, use to ease form that meets all documentation requirements and serves us well!

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Adam Beauchamp

Customer friendly and ready to help. Excellent uptime and very few issues with the EHR.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-09-14
Review Source: Capterra

It has made life easier, especially during audits and medical record reviews. It has also automated a lot of systems we previously did manually.Epitomax integrates with Dr. First which is very nice and saves our prescribers a lot of time. We were able to meet meaningful use stage 1 with some effort and it has always been a great system to run reports in for these types of endeavours. If we do not know what report to run we just ask the support team and they will either find the one that works or create a new one for us to use. I love that we can scan everything into the patient record and no longer having paper charts. It saves us time, money, and is cleaner when going to find old files instead of searching through them by hand. The people that work there are great we have never had any issues and would gladly recommend (and have) psytech solutions as a company to friends and colleagues of ours.

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Adrienne Landry

Best EHR

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-07
Review Source: Capterra

Epitomax has helped us become fully electronic and no longer need paper records to support our electronic record. Epitomax has improved our reporting capabilities to help with agency management. It has reduced the number of billing systems we have to use from 2 to 1 and the number of support staff we need to complete the billing process to just 1. I like that Epitomax is customizable. We are able to update features and work processes to fit our agency instead of changing our agency operations to fit the software. We were able to make all of our paper forms, electronic forms easing the transition from paper to electronic. Form development is quick and painless with the customer service team. The customization options on the billing end makes it easy to meet the billing requirements of all of our payers. The customization of user roles and access is also nice. If there is not a report built to return information you need, the customer service team can usually build you a query to return the needed information in 1-2 days.

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HIPAA Compliance
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Additional information for Epitomax

Key features of Epitomax

  • Clinician Dashboard
  • Ad-hoc reports generation
  • Electronic billing
  • Auto-allowancing and batch processing
  • Automatically generate routine-care activities
  • Action lists for managing tasks
  • Credit Card Processing
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Tailored training programs
  • Set reminders and automate tasks
  • Standard suite of reports
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Shortening days in A/R improving cash flows
  • Claims Management
  • Real-time reporting
  • Scheduling and manage recurring appointments
  • Integrates with external report writers
  • Configurable clinical forms
  • Electronic Signature Capture
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● Epitomax offers a centralized location for storing customer data that enables staff to get on-demand access to customer records, improving care co-ordination and outcome efficiency.
● The product offers integration with commercially available report writing software such as Crystal and Access, enabling users to generate ad-hoc reports.
● The billing software provided by Epitomax enables organizations to improve their financial performance by shortening account receivables days and therefore improving cash flows.
● Epitomax supports clinical documentation by facilitating paperwork completion by staff, allowing them to focus more on services delivery.
● Practice management module of Epitomax allows users to streamline services delivery by managing patients’ demographic details, insurance contracts, scheduling appointments, and setting up reminders.