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FDA-approved concussion assessment suite

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ImPACT overview

What is ImPACT?

ImPACT is a web-based concussion management suite designed to help businesses in the healthcare, sports, and education sectors automate processes related to baseline testing, assessment scoring, and symptom reporting. The Pediatric module lets institutions manage pediatric concussions, allowing patients aged 5-11 years to connect with healthcare providers using the iPad application.

Key features of ImPACT include practice management, medical billing, HIPAA compliance, and reporting. The Quick Test tool collects objective data from patients at point of care, allowing care providers to determine patient removal from activities due to suspected concussions. Teams can integrate the system with existing workflows and facilitate predictable reimbursements using multiple Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) billing codes.

ImPACT creates and stores documentation related to healthy brain functioning of patients, letting healthcare professionals conduct post-injury tests and aiding in decision making regarding concussion treatment. Besides, care providers can connect with patients via video visits using mobile devices and desktops from remote locations to assess concussion symptoms and provide suitable diagnosis.

ImPACT Passport enables patients to record and report concussion symptoms as well as connect with a local healthcare provider. The platform offers educational materials about concussion treatment and management along with interactive quizzes to help increase concussion awareness.


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ImPACT pricing

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ImPACT pricing starts at $5.57 per test and scales with number of concussion tests users wish to purchase. Features expand across Healthcare Providers, US School/League, and US Districts plans:

ImPACT Healthcare Providers CIC rate:
• Baseline - $5.57/test
• Post-injury - $21.00/test

Other healthcare providers:
• Baseline - $15/test
• Post-injury - $30/test

ImPACT US School/League Post Injury Package - $435

ImPACT School District:
• Baseline - $2.75/test
• Post-injury - $12.00/test

ImPACT features

Activity Dashboard
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Compliance Management
Customizable Reporting
HIPAA Compliance
Reporting & Statistics

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Videos and tutorials

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Key features of ImPACT

  • Assessment & Treatment Plans
  • Billing Codes
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Quizzes
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