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Remote patient monitoring tool with video conferencing

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Mobiléa overview

What is Mobiléa?

Mobilea is a remote patient monitoring software that helps healthcare organizations supervise telehealth sessions via video calling and instant messaging tools. Medical professionals can conduct video conferences and exchange files, images, and action protocols with clients, relatives, and caregivers.

Mobilea's built-in calendar enables healthcare professionals to collaborate and create daily care plans, monitor medicine intake, and receive appointment reminders. Doctors can record conversations and forward cases to specialists based on patient diagnosis. Patients can schedule appointments and add details such as title, description, related images, and preferred date and time. It also lets administrators set up role based permissions, change font attributes and configure the platform in multiple languages, including Dutch, English and Arabic, whilst maintaining compliance with NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 requirements.

Mobilea facilitates integration with Microsoft Active Directory. It also provides a built-in repository of care plans, which allows patients and caretakers to access care requirement details based on specific illness and medical issues.


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