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Integrated patient experience and engagement system

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MyCareboard overview

MyCareboard is an integrated patient care self-service solution for healthcare providers, designed to enhance the patient experience and improve engagement. The digital whiteboard aims to aid communication between patients, families, and medical professionals at the point of care through visual and interactive CareQs. The modular CareQs each have a different function and range from prescribed education to eConcierge services.

MyCareboard works as an interactive dashboard for both patients and care staff which can be utilized on a mounted television display, touch screen bedside monitor, or mobile tablet. Users can create a personalized experience by choosing from a range of widgets, or CareQs, to create a custom dashboard. CareQs are designed to help improve patient care by tailoring it to the patients needs, and to provide healthcare providers with the information they need to care for each patient. Healthcare professionals can configure their MyCareboard to display information on a patient's dietary requirements, care plan, family contacts, visitation hours, vital signs, goals, and more, in order to provide tailored care.

For patients, MyCareboard can be used to access entertainment, complete prescribed education courses, contact their care team, order meals, and manage other eConcierge services such as housekeeping and prescriptions. MyCareboard displays relevant care information about treatment plans, care teams, hospital information, and more, from the patient’s bedside. With 23 different CareQs to choose from, users can customize the experience and implement modules that work within their business workflow.


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MyCareboard screenshot: Patients have access to entertainment, online learning, vital statistics, and care team detailsLincor's Patient Engagement TechnologyMyCareboard screenshot: The entertainment system provides patients with access to internet, TV, email, and moreMyCareboard screenshot: MyCareboard is designed to enhance the patient experience by providing access to services at the bedside MyCareboard screenshot: Patients can use the eConcierge to request housekeeping, care, and other basic tasksMyCareboard screenshot: Patients can order meals through the applicationMyCareboard screenshot: Prescription requests can be made without patients needing to leave the bedMyCareboard screenshot: Prescribed online education courses can be completed to accelerate recoveryMyCareboard screenshot: Patients also have access to hospital information, as well as details of their care team

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MyCareboard features

Client Portal

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Additional information for MyCareboard

Key features of MyCareboard

  • Messaging
  • Patient portal
  • Patient education
  • Personal health reacord
  • Care planning
  • Patient flow management
  • Bed management
  • Patient monitoring
  • Patient location tracking
  • Discharge management
  • Historical reporting
  • Client management
  • Self service portal
  • Client portal
  • Customer experience management
  • eLearning management
  • Customizable branding
  • Widgets
  • Dashboard creation
  • Request routing
  • Content library
  • Interactive content
  • Video streaming
  • Video support
  • Communication management
  • Booking management
  • Surveys & feedback
  • Order taking
  • Contact database
  • Goal setting / tracking
  • Dynamic workflow
  • Instant messaging
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Aid care teams with providing tailored care through the Nurse’s Dashboard which provides up-to-date information on patient dietary restrictions, care plans, isolation status, transitions, fall risk, goals, and more. The dashboard can be customized to show the most important information.

Improve the patient experience with self-service access to entertainment, eLearning courses, bedside meal ordering, communication with care staff, and more. Patients are always kept in the loop about their recovery and care.

Customize CareQs to provide the information most important to the facility and type of patient care. Choose from; prescribed education, eConcierge, surveys, rounding, meal ordering, premium entertainment, family contacts, vital signs, goals, pain management, and much more.

Utilize the MyCareboard on a mounted television display, touch screen bedside monitor, or mobile tablet, so that patients can access services without leaving their bed, and staff have information on hand at all times.

Bridge the communication gap between patients, family members, nursing staff, and doctors with features such as messaging between family and physicians, visitation information for families, and real-time health record updates for staff.