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Mobile based home health care management

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MyCooey overview

MyCooey is a mobile based solution that empowers caregivers with remote care management while connecting providers, patients, family members and administrators. Organizations can manage multiple locations via the portal, create care plans, and monitor all activities in real time. The platform integrates with EMR / EHR systems and interfaces with various smart Bluetooth-enabled devices.

MyCooey helps enhance the overall healthcare experience while optimizing healthcare outcomes by allowing caregivers to manage patients remotely and monitor their vitals using the app's blood pressure meter, glucometer for blood sugar values, and weighing scale. Caregivers can manage the patient’s activity log and view vital history and analytics, interact with families, as well as manage weekly diets and meal plans.

MyCooey Kin allows family members to keep tabs on the health status of their loved ones remotely, and in real time. Users can remotely monitor vitals such as blood pressure, sugar, and weight, and receive alerts for vital limits, or a slip or fall. Family members can understand and keep track of diets and view comprehensive analytics. Maya, the platform’s smart assistant helps simplify routine health monitoring tasks with simple voice commands that allow users to ask questions and receive answers using natural dialogue.

The MyCooey portal enables organizations to get a snapshot of all activities across multiple locations, create personalized care plans, and allows users to manage their caregivers, residents and devices. Alexa Smart Health integration provides patients with patient-initiated medical record analysis services, a medical profile and custom tailored information to monitor and diagnose medical conditions.


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MyCooey screenshot: Monitor patient vitals and use voice logging featuresMyCooey CaregiverMyCooey screenshot: Check the blood pressure meter and glucometer for blood sugar valuesMyCooey screenshot: View vital history by date and timeMyCooey screenshot: Manage patient events and their activity logMyCooey screenshot: Ensure medication is taken as prescribed by adding dosage amounts and timesMyCooey screenshot: Search for medications within the medicine list MyCooey screenshot: Manage a list of residents and search by nameMyCooey screenshot: Create detailed meal plans and track calories, carbs, fiber and allergiesMyCooey screenshot: View all tasks for the day for each patientMyCooey screenshot: Follow a customized care plan, create a to-do list, track fitness activity, and moreMyCooey screenshot: MyCooey Kin allows loved ones and family members to monitor vitals like blood pressure, sugar, and weightMyCooey screenshot: MyCooey Kin enables users to to track and monitor elder's health vitals remotely MyCooey Administrator

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Platinum: $15,000

MyCooey features

Automated Scheduling
Automatic Reminders
Client Portal
Records Management

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Additional information for MyCooey

Key features of MyCooey

  • Home health management
  • Patient records
  • Staff scheduling
  • Meal / nutrition management
  • Event / activities planning
  • Concierge services
  • Geriatric care
  • Clinical care
  • Medication tracking
  • Medical records
  • New resident assessment
  • Patient intake
  • Medication database
  • Admissions management
  • Resident info management
  • Electronic signature
  • Employee tracking
  • Activity planning
  • Resident assessment
  • Point of care system
  • CNA tracking
  • Rehabilitation management
  • Nursing forms tracking
  • Care planning
  • Staff management
  • Patient management
  • Vitals monitoring
  • Blood pressure meter
  • Glucometer for blood sugar values
  • Weighing scale
  • Events & social life management
  • Activity log
  • Family interaction
  • Weekly diets management
  • Analytics
  • Confidential & secure
  • Blootooth device integration
  • Routine tests
  • Store and manage health details
  • Track health progress
  • Remote monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Reminders for appointments, events
  • Alexa Smart Health integration
  • Maya - Smart Assistant (voice commands)
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MyCooey helps enhance healthcare experience and optimize healthcare outcomes by allowing caregivers to remotely analyze and monitor health vitals, eating habits, events and activities, and more.

MyCooey Kin enables family members to monitor loved ones in real time and receive alerts in case of a fall or vital limits.

The MyCooey portal enables users to create personalized care plans and provides a quick snapshot of all activities across multiple locations.

The personal smart assistant, Maya, helps simplify routine health monitoring tasks with simple voice commands.

The system is able to interface with smart Bluetooth-enabled devices to digitize health vitals as well as perform routine tests, and store and manage health details.