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Online remote check-in app for Chiropractic patients

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Patient10 overview

What is Patient10?

Patient10 is an online remote check-in for patients that allows users to support their clients outside of the consultation room, improving outcomes and increasing retention. Using the mobile app, patients can update their current condition and reference exercises or stretches set at their last appointment. This continuous support helps improve outcomes for patients as they focus on maintenance of their condition between appointments. This extended service also helps to increase client retention in an increasingly competitive industry.


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Patient10 screenshot: The patient10 dashboardPatient10 for ChiropractorsPatient10 screenshot: Review and track patient data via the mobile appPatient10 screenshot: Set questions for each patient, targeting specific needsPatient10 screenshot: Attach reference materials, upload videos or link to online content

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Patient10 features

Activity Dashboard
Records Management

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Additional information for Patient10

Key features of Patient10

  • Patient account management
  • Patient records
  • Outcome assessments
  • On-going support
  • Reminders, goals and questions
  • Review and track patient data
  • Patient analysis
  • Track success and areas for improvement
  • Appointments
  • Mobile app
  • Dashboard
  • Customizable branding
  • SMS reminders
  • Remote check-ins
  • Patient tracking
  • Attach reference materials
  • Upload videos
  • Link to online content
  • Targeted actions & questions
  • Feedback & support
  • SOAP Notes
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The simple, 10-minute check-ins provide continuous support for patients and help improve patient outcomes and improve client retention.

Patient10's lightweight mobile check-in keeps patient's engaged with their treatment and helps professionals track progress and provide intervention.

Review and track patient data individually or across the entire practice to track success and areas for improvement.

Provide patients with goals and regular stretching and exercises by attaching instructional videos and links to help maintain patient well being between appointments.

Set targeted actions and questions for each patient and provide feedback to patients via Patient10's mobile app.