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SeeHash LIMS

ERP and LIMS solution for laboratories

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SeeHash LIMS overview

What is SeeHash LIMS?

SeeHash Laboratory ERP is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning and LIMS (laboratory information management service) for industries such as water, environment, medicine, and more. The platform provides users with the tools to manage samples and their associated data in one place, whilst also creating custom workflows and reports focused on business needs.

SeeHash Laboratory ERP offers tools for managing orders with features such as barcode generation and printing, sample management, custom order workflows, result approval processes, and more. It also facilitates reporting and allows users to customize test report templates and customer report templates, either for internal use or to send to clients. Reports can be generated on historical trends and test results. Automatic notifications within SeeHash Laboratory ERP can let patients know when their results are ready via SMS, and send alerts to employees on the progress of tests. The platform also facilitates invoice generation, information management, analytics, and more.


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SeeHash LIMS features

Reporting & Statistics
Self Service Portal
Workflow Management

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Key features of SeeHash LIMS

  • Lab Instrument Interface
  • Sample Tracking
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