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Homes and Rooms

Vacation rental management software for independent owners

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Homes and Rooms overview

What is Homes and Rooms?

Homes and Rooms is a vacation rental management solution aimed at independent property owners and managers. Users can create their own property websites, with availability updated in real time, and the option for guests to make inquiries and reservations online, and also sync their properties’ availability and rates with multiple listing sites.

Homes and Rooms’ inquiry manager enables the automation of responses to guest inquiries, including sending out personalized quotes. Users can choose to be alerted to new inquiries by text or email, and automatically put holds on specific queries by filtering keywords. The rate builder allows users to provide quotes calculated based on specific requests, with separate fees for additional property features, and supports the use of seasonal or special rates and discounts.

The integrated communication manager allows users to assign roles to staff members, controlling their system access permissions. Automations can be built into the reservation process, from booking confirmation to payment requests and reminders. Users can choose from a selection of email templates to be sent out, and personalize them to reflect their properties.

With Homes and Rooms' reservation manager, users can view current and future property activity on a single configurable dashboard, with tasks, inquiries, and reservations accessible from any web-enabled device. Guests can pay for their reservation directly through the online portal, with Homes and Rooms automatically alerting users when payments are made. Users can also create custom reports for tax purposes, or to track their business’ performance using income and profit.


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Homes and Rooms screenshot: Homes and Rooms' dashboard shows users all of their recent activity, upcoming arrivals, and alerts in one placehomesandroomsintroHomes and Rooms screenshot: Users can choose whether or not to take a security deposit, and set the fee in Homes and Rooms as either a fixed amount or a percentage of the total chargeHomes and Rooms screenshot: Homes and Rooms allows users to create mandatory or optional add-ons for guest reservationsHomes and Rooms screenshot: Users can add unlimited options to their properties in Homes and RoomsHomes and Rooms screenshot: Users can upload their own terms and conditions into Homes and Rooms, or use those providedHomes and Rooms screenshot: Homes and Rooms allows users to add in their own taxesHomes and Rooms screenshot: Users can select multiple currencies to accept through Homes and Rooms, and change these based on the propertyHomes and Rooms screenshot: Homes and Rooms sends out automated emails to guests, with users able to set up email templates and schedulesHomes and Rooms screenshot: The email templates in Homes and Rooms can be customized by users, and are automatically populated with guests' booking detailsHomes and Rooms screenshot: Homes and Rooms gives users control over how long rate quotes are valid for, whether reservation deposits are required, and how much should be paidHomes and Rooms screenshot: Users can set their preferred payment method in Homes and Rooms, and integrate with different payment gateways

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Homes and Rooms pricing

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14-day free trial, no credit card required.

There are three subscription levels available:

Owner - 1 property, $19 per month (paid annually) or $24 per month (paid monthly)
Professional - 5 properties, $49 per month (annually) or $62 per month (monthly), additional properties $5 each per month
Manager - 15 properties, $99 per month (annually) or $124 per month (monthly), additional properties $5 per month

Homes and Rooms features

Automatic Notifications
Credit Card Processing
Electronic Payments
Reservations Management

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Key features of Homes and Rooms

  • Multi-currency support
  • Customizable website templates
  • Customizable email templates
  • Listing site integrations
  • Custom inquiry auto-responder
  • Online guest payment portal
  • Credit card processing
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Text notifications and alerts
  • Report creation
  • Staff notifications
  • Live reservation dashboard
  • Reservation calendar
  • Email keyword filtering
  • Rate builder
  • Complimentary and chargeable guest add-ons
  • Staff role assignment
  • Customizable process automation
  • Automated payment requests
  • Automated reminders
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Customizable widgets
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The inquiry manager enables users to automate responses to inquiries, personalize quotes, and calculate rate changes and taxes.

The communication manager assists users in sharing information with guests and staff at the right time, provide key information such as check-in times to staff, and centralize all incoming and outgoing communication.

The reservation manager allows users to view current and future activity on a single dashboard, alerts users when payments are received, and create custom reports to analyze business performance.

The marketing manager enables the automatic update of listing sites and calendars when bookings are made, and allows for the analysis of advertising effectiveness on each listing site.

The configuration manager allows users to set up additional options to offer to guests, specify which currency they wish to receive whilst still allowing guests to pay in their own currency, and automate reminders to guests when payments are due.