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Vreasy overview

Vreasy is a powerful, all-in-one platform to manage a growing vacation rental business. We provide a built-in channel manager with connections to the major portals, a master calendar, and a total guest relationship platform.

Reach millions of guests and cut your management time to just minutes per day. With Vreasy, you will have a total overview of every aspect of your business, whilst automating your tasks, messages and staff management.

Our guest relationship manager then allows you create custom communication that is automated to be sent at the key travel moments. With our e-concerige app, Guidal, you can build a digital guide to your property for every guest and our services platform allows total trip customisation.

We allow property managers to grow and scale their businesses, adding revenue and saving time at every stage.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 6 other markets, Europe, Germany, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, United Kingdom

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English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Vreasy screenshot: The calendar shows the property list and all scheduled bookings Vreasy Easy as 1 2 3Vreasy screenshot: The platform holds all property information and imagesVreasy screenshot: Push property data to all websites for maximum exposureVreasy screenshot: Send an automatic email to guests when a booking is detectedVreasy screenshot: Guests can provide all arrival information via an online formVreasy screenshot: View all tasks and logistics that are set up for each bookingVreasy screenshot: Vreasy connects users to a global database of providers such as car services, tours, babysitting, and moreVreasy screenshot: View detailed payment information for each booking Vreasy screenshot: Users can map listings from various portals to a property on their Vreasy accountVreasy screenshot: The Vreasy Guidal App for mobile devicesshort Vreasy demo

Vreasy reviews

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Karolina Osterman

I am extremely happy that we decided to use Vreasy as our property management system.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-03-19
Review Source: Capterra

I run my business 24h from all different places so I need quick access to guest notes and booking details on the go from my phone or tablet. The smart calendar/reservation view and guest search system is great for this. I use the automated SMS service for payment and guest communication reminders. When I have done the task, I delete it from my phone messages so that I know exactly what still needs to be done (I saved contact number as "My Vreasy Agenda") - I feel in total control over my business and I don't need to be in front of a screen at all times feeling I might be missing something. The smart calendar view is fantastic - easy to use and to access guest details on the go. It is extremely easy to search for guests and see if they cancelled or not. I love the automated and manual guest messaging system and SMS reminders sent to my phone (would be good to get reminders of bookings made prior the reminder set up of for example 30 days for payment). I like the idea of payment through the software, but we use a cheaper banking method where we can use different bank accounts. I love the guidal and arrival form option for my guests, though it would be good to know some statistic on how many guests actually press the link. I like the idea of splendid services, though we do not use it, I don't think there is a set up for Australia? I love the full integration with booking.com, our main booking agent. I really do appreciate the customer support, it is very helpful to know that you answer my questions so efficiently (though I am on the other side of the world). I also love seeing new updates/designs being made on the software - it inspires me to use more features in Vreasy and to make improvements to my own business. Thank You!

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paolo paolo

a great tool for customer service and extra revenue

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-10-12
Review Source: Capterra

I suppose to be one the first italian users since early 2014. My business is increased in these 3 years, and I've been using more and more Vreasy to improve costumer service, and generate ancillary revenues. as a New Starter, in a New market, with no direct competitors, you can't win them all, but I've been always appreciating the will to improve and not give up+ time saver + customer oriented + ancillary revenue

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Therese Jansen

Vreasy is a game changer

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-03-21
Review Source: Capterra

You can see very well that this software is developed by real property managers who have hands on experience in holiday rental, and guest service. Vreasy unites the ultimate combination of service and sales, all packed together in one amazing tool. The software is superb, but on the first place comes the quality of their customer service team. The support staff has been very helpful and very fast in her responses given, it made me feel very secure during the time of getting to know the features of Vreasy while on-boarding the program. Even after the on-boarding process of vreasy, the support continues to be of excellent quality, something which is very hard to find within online software services. Vreasy has endless possibilities, but the support team and account managers that are involved in this company, know exactly how to proportionate the information and tailer it towards the need of each client. I am so happy I took plenty of time for researching reviews on capterra thoroughly, and reading each and every single review about the many different kinds of Property Management Softwares that are spread around the web..... After trying different other Pms software with lacking in customer support, many bugs and no feeling of real support given... Vreasy is just a breath of fresh air. the email automation, upsales posibilities, guidal, easy to use interface

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Jose Molina

Excellent experience using Vreasy software

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-02-10
Review Source: Capterra

Since we started working with Vreasy I have to say that our experience has been really good. First of all the service and support was perfect. They set up our account and put a lot of time working taking us through the system. Rep was always available helping us with our questions and planning the work. Having the opportunity of complementing the accommodation we offer to our guests with the services was a good way to keep our customers loyal. Regarding the product I can say that it is very intuitive and well structured. The support from Andrei and Ona was amazing. Thanks for that. I believe that the automatisation of tasks will be key in our relation with the guests and their experience during the trip. I was visiting their office in Barcelona and I can say that you can breathe technology and very good working environment with a lot of nationalities working together. Thank you for all you help!Easy to use. Well structured. Intuitive

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Very easy as it name says

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-10-17
Review Source: Capterra

I´ve been working with Vreasy for about 1 month and a half now. My experience after leading the implementation of different PMS on other similar agencies is by far, the best. There are still some things that needs to be polished, but they are open to listen to your needings and to make it work for you. I want to mention that I have decided to keep on working with them, mainly because of their support service. Never before I´ve been supported this efficient, following my steps and giving me tips to improve my business. All of the options this PMS gives you are easy to use, easy to understand and very visible for any kind of user. You can find yourselve customizing or setting it yourself in within days. The only thing I miss is having their own channel manager implemented, so I can deal only with one provider. I have my own website and I would like to have the chance to put a booking engine that is connected directly to Vreasy and not through any other service. If in the future they add this options to their producs they will be numer one. but until that comes, they have me on board, what they offer is really good for an affordable price. I had so much luck by having Olga as account manager, I feel her very involved into my business and helps me doing better everytime. easy to use, being able to allow property owners to log in and see "whats going on" with their properties

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Vreasy pricing

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The price is based on the number of properties per month. It’s a fixed, flat fee with no hidden charges.


Manage 1-12 properties for $99 per month.

Manage 20 properties for $139 per month.

Manage 30 properties for $189 per month.

For detailed pricing please visit our site.

Vreasy features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Availability Management
Billing Rate Management
Booking Management
Calendar Management
Channel Management
Credit Card Processing
Customizable Templates
Electronic Payments
Online Booking Integration
Price Management
Reporting & Statistics
Reservations Management
Room Booking
Third Party Integration

Billing & Invoicing (29 other apps)
Invoice Management (32 other apps)
Website Integration (25 other apps)

Additional information for Vreasy

Key features of Vreasy

  • Payment processing
  • Fee / commission management
  • Property search
  • Property database
  • Refund automation
  • Guest reviews / ratings
  • Contact management
  • Housekeeping management
  • Owner statements
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Analytics
  • Lead management
  • Synchronize calendars, pricings & listings
  • Automation
  • Channel mentor
  • GRM (guest relationship management system)
  • Calendar
  • Task management automation
  • Built-in services platform
  • Online bookings
  • Guest services
  • Scheduling
  • Client database
  • Payment details and history
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Vreasy helps property managers increase occupancy by listing properties across various popular vacation rental portals.

Vreasy effectively combines property management software with unique guest services that help increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Users can view and manage all bookings, guests and logistics from one centralized calendar.

Vreasy downloads all public property information including photos, descriptions and pricing, and synchronizes all calendars and websites automatically.

The solution provides a GRM (guest relationship management) system that helps property managers efficiently organize arrivals, enhancing guest experience.