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YesBookit overview

YesBookit is a cloud-based booking management system designed to be used by property managers of holiday rental properties. Users can manage their calendar and inventory, cleaners and contractors, seasonal pricing, property availability, distribution channels, and their own holiday rental website. YesBookit also integrates with payment gateways, accounting systems, distribution channels, and more.

With YesBookit, users can accept bookings through their own website or integrated distribution channels, including Stayz and HomeAway. Property managers can permit instant bookings, which let guests book instantly and pay online, or they can enable booking requests, allowing guest screenings and approvals to be carried out before payment emails are sent out. Integrations with payment gateways such as SecurePay, NetRegistry, PayStation, MIGS and eMatters; and trust accounting systems including Rockend Rest and RealPRO allow users to take partial or full payments online, define their own payment terms, set accepted payment methods, and automatically generate arrears reports and payment reminders.

YesBookit enables users to link cleaners or contractors to individual properties for cleaning or maintenance. Cleaners can log into YesBookit to view the departures for their assigned properties, or users can create printed arrival and departure reports, as well as customizable cleaning duty lists. Property owners can be kept informed of guest bookings through automated email notifications and the owner portal, which also enables them to manage their own bookings. Property pricing can be set for different seasons based on the owner’s desired yield, and users can set dynamic rules to automatically calculate discounts based on length of stay. Extras can also be added to bookings, such as cleaning, linen hire, and more.


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YesBookit reviews

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Tony Parsons

Best Online Booking Software - Ease and Simplicity in One!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-07-22
Review Source: Capterra

I introduced YesBookIt (YBI) into our real estate 4 years ago. Immediately after going live, the benefits of YBI were evident - not only was the product easy and simply to install & configure with the fantastic support from the YBI team, the intuitive way to navigate and use the product makes it a pleasure to use on a daily basis. Efficiency gains were very impressive straight away and within the first 12 months of using YBI our net profit had increased by 20% whilst costs had reduced. The staff at YBI are wonderful to deal with and extremely helpful - because they themselves believe in the quality of the YBI product, they are exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful, pro-active and happy/fun people to deal with at all times - I can't rave on enough about what a great product YBI is and how great the staff are to work with when help is required. The ease of use, the efficiency gained, increased revenue, reduction in overhead costs, the ever helpful and happy staff at YBI. Furthermore, the continued development of the product in my eyes has seen it continue to be a market leader in this area. The YBI community (both staff and users) all believe in the product and want to see it grow further and further. The monthly newsletters, user groups, work shops & annual conference are all beneficial unlike other products out there that make a lot of noise, but don't really tell you anything.

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Andrew Kapitzke

Flexible web based program with great customer support.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-07-22
Review Source: Capterra

Our experience with Yesbookit has been overwhelmingly positive. As a Real Estate Agent in as small seaside town, holiday rentals form a large part of our business. We found managing holiday properties with traditional programs very time consuming, mostly due to excessive phone calls and not having "Live Availability" displayed for our customers online. Since implementing Yesbookit we have enjoyed a tremendous advantage in having up to date property information, a live website, booking platform with a secure online payment interface. This automation of a large part of the business has meant we are able to focus on expanding the business and Yesbookit has demonstrated the capacity to grow with us. The functionality of having a program that interfaces with Console, our property management program, as well as other websites such as Stayz and Tripadvisor. Also having a huge amount of control over the website listings and the ability to access the back end online remotely. We take all our own photos and produce our own videos so being able to upload content with ease and have control over it there after is really important. One other big advantage is allowing our owners access to their properties booking calendar and enabling them to make bookings for their properties themselves.

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Don Binkley

Solid Program - Good Partner

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-02
Review Source: Capterra

Good, the use of this program has allowed us to scale. The product team has worked with us to develop a number of custom applications which have helped our business and we thank the team at YBi for their responsiveness regarding these requests. There have been times where we have wanted to get things built that would benefit other agents have have been willing to co-invest in getting them done but the requests have been refused which is inhibiting. There are a number of staff that have been there for years which are invaluable in such a disruptive industry. There is also new smart new leadership that his been able to attract solid talent.The product does the job. It can certainly manage a portfolio of property. The team are responsive and recently the channel integrations have seen major improvement/focus.

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Judy Duncan

Great Product and Service

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-12-05
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Yesbookit for more than 8 years and are extremely happy with the software, service, and Support. It's great to have the Support staff constantly looking at ways to bring us new features to make our holiday letting site more user-friendly for our Consultants and our property owners & guests. The setup procedure for new properties is straightforward and there are many options to suit the requests from our owners. The Reporting system is paramount to our weekly/monthly KPI's and the ease to retrieve the information makes life very easy. With access to the GTHY App, our guests are kept up-to-date from the time they start packing for their holiday. Yesbookit - Quality product and TOP QUALITY customer support.Using the online booking system has made the holiday letting process more streamlined. Guests are looking for a quick and easy way to booking their next stay, owners enjoy being able to see all the information they need and have their own personal access portal and our consultants can work in an almost paperless environment. The new technology is evolving all the time.

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David Chalwell

A great system for managing Holiday Rental accommodation.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-01
Review Source: Capterra

I have been using Yesbookit in my business Go Coastal for just over 2 years now and definitely very happy with the system and the staff at Yesbookit. Having been involved in the Holiday Rental industry for over 20 years now and personally experiencing a number of different software management systems, I have found Yesbookit to be practical, user friendly, easy to navigate and constantly being improved and revised. I really feel like part of the Yesbookit organisation and find that help is always only a quick email or phone call away. It's like talking to a work colleague rather than a supplier. From my perspective Yesbookit is certainly heading in the right direction, constantly reassessing the way they do things and striving to provide a quality product. Easily navigated and understood

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YesBookit features

Booking Management
Calendar Management
Channel Management
Electronic Payments
Reporting & Statistics
Reservations Management
Website Integration

API (40 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (34 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (32 other apps)
Availability Management (38 other apps)
Billing & Invoicing (34 other apps)
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Key features of YesBookit

  • Online payments
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Accounting system integration
  • Channel management
  • Booking management
  • Contractor and cleaner management
  • Owner management
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Holiday website
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Photo and video embedding
  • Bulk upload
  • Live availability
  • Seasonal pricing
  • Per-property tariffs
  • Added extras
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Cleaners can be linked to individual properties, and users can customize up to 40 duty lists, create arrival and departure reports, and grant cleaners access to YesBookit to view departures for their assigned properties.

Owners can manage their own bookings and view agent booking lists through an owner portal, and receive automated emails when guest bookings are made.

Integration with vacation rental sites such as HomeAway and Stayz enable users to distribute their properties through multiple channels.

Basic content, including property descriptions and images, and rich content such as services, activities, and market can be distributed to users’ own websites and third party accommodation portals.

YesBookit integrates with a number of payment gateways, including SecurePay, eMatters, NetRegistry, and PayStation, and users can define their own payment terms and accepted methods of payment.