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Employee rewards & recognition platform

5.0/5 (2 reviews)

Achievers Feature Summary

  • Social Employee Recognition
  • Global Rewards
  • Manager Tools
  • Achievers Analytics
  • Employee Engagement
  • Culture and Communication

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Achievers Feature Reviews

2 reviewers had the following to say about Achievers's features:

(Law Practice company, 1001-5000 employees)

Seamless Social Recognition, Rewards & Incredible Employee Experience


The benefits of this platform have to do with the incredibly robust, beautiful and easy to use software, which in itself engages employees. If you buy in to that premise, then you'll love the platform and reap the rewards of a recognition-rich workplace.


Beyond that, the platform and its features are constantly evolving and improving, based on recognition and engagement best practices, to ensure it captivates its users' attention. Employees love to use the tool, managers get valuable insights and, from an HR perspective, you have all the reports and analytics you could ever want at your fingertips.


If you manage expectations with employees and consider that the primary benefits of the platform are the non-monetary incentives, then you'll be very happy with the tool.

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Customer support

Time used: 2+ years

Frequency of use: Daily

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A verified reviewer

Love this platform, recommend it to be used



Its mainly used as a recognition platform where employees are given points to recognize their colleagues for contributing to the success of a team, project, or the company as a whole.


Maybe it would be nice to see the interface updated a bit, its fairly modern but would be nice if refreshed.

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Time used: 1-2 years

Frequency of use: Weekly

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