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Acuity Scheduling use case: Christina Mascaro

Christina Mascaro

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14th of January, 2017
Great for organizing your service packages

I came across this on a website as a customer who used it to arrange their packages online. As a business that has several packages at different price points, I wanted something that I could use with Square. So far Acuity is the best find. I tried installing 'free' plug-ins on WordPress, and I looked for things at a cheaper price point (and found some at a higher price point). I think as a small business, it's incredibly affordable and as a designer, it's extremely easy to embed and work with. (some of the higher priced comparisons were hard to figure out and embed into the site and the free ones just couldn't create packages and organize them the way I wanted). What's nice about it is it takes care of the separate packages and allows me to transact them through Square without forcing me into another payment processor.

What do you like best?

Easy to use, easy to figure out for a first-timer, easy to embed as a designer, (skip the plug-in for WordPress and use the iframe embed that the site gives you), and the price point is lower than most and offers an easier system to use

What do you dislike?

There is a lot of 'repeat' and triple checking things on the site. For example, figuring out HOW to create and organize your package requires you to visit several pages and create several 'pieces' to create the 'whole'. Once it's done, it looks great. However, it's a little tedious trying to get it right.

Why did you end up selecting Acuity Scheduling over other applications?

I ended up purchasing because I was a customer who used it on another person's website and I liked MY experience using it as a customer.

If so, why did you switch?

This was actually pretty difficult to navigate and more expensive.

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Recommendations to others considering Acuity Scheduling

Try before you buy. I installed this on my website prior to launching it to get a feel for how it looked, how it loaded, how it responded, etc. I hated the 'ads' but it was worth suffering the aesthetics to play around with it. As a business person, I appreciate trying before you buy and HATE demos. Hands-on is what sells me.

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