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Aladtec use case: Andrew Coccaro

Andrew Coccaro

Verified Reviewer  
6th of October, 2016
Best Management Tool Around.

I have been using Aladtec for staff scheduling, and other workforce management tasks, for ten years. I’ve introduced it in every service where I’ve been a Director. I have used other systems but Aladtec is by far the best. This system stands out because it is great for both admin and field staff. Many systems are easy for the admin staff to run, because that’s who the provider is selling the software to, but the member users hate it because it is hard to use or not intuitive. Aladtec however, is easy to use and intuitive for all; it takes almost no hands-on training to get new users up and running. Aladtec and their team are some of the best that I have ever delt with in any industry. truly a company and product worth the time to check out. It has in every situation cut operation costs significantly. Pays for it self in no time whatsoever. I highly recommend these products to anyone who really wants to streamline their company and the day-to-day operations.

What do you like best?

Several reasons in no particular order. Customer support, Aladtec understands what each user needs individually and did not sell me a cut and paste/one size fits some kind of product. I have had some complicated truck and schedule rotations that were advanced and many other systems could not handle what I was needing. Since Aladtec built each system for me from the ground up it gave me everything I needed and nothing that I did not. Next was the ease of use for admin and staff. Aladtec is intuitive and takes little to no training for users to be up and running. The reporting section was next. I had to have detailed reports for many different items, and Aladtec gave me or made for me every report that I needed every time. They also have a forms section where I can make complicated forms very easy. I am not a computer programmer but with the form tool you would never know that. I have several check off sheets, employee evaluations,

What do you dislike?

None whatsoever. Aladtec and their products are the best around.

Why did you end up selecting Aladtec over other applications?

Aladtec gave me everything I wanted and nothing that I did not need.

If so, why did you switch?

Aladtec was a superior product.

What is your main use case with Aladtec?

Use it for all scheduling and now with the new form section supply requests and truck check offs.

Give one example how Aladtec has improved the way your organization functions

I have cut my command staff overtime down considerably with the use of the Aladtec products. We have saved countless hours of command staff time from doing difficult and outdated scheduling processes with other software and streamlined it with Aladtec.

What is your ROI?

We have seen a very fast ROI of less than 8 months in every department that I have ever implemented this software at.

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Recommendations to others considering Aladtec

There are so many reasons to look into Aladtec and their products. The simple reason to keep this from being the longest review in history is that Aladtec simply provides a superior product hands down.

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2+ years

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