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Biorhythms Calculator

Wellbeing monitor for multiple people

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Biorhythms Calculator overview

What is Biorhythms Calculator?

Biorhythms play an important role in one's life, and this professional software lets you monitor Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual wellbeing of multiple people in order to create effective teams and schedules. Easily analyze biorhythms of multiple people side by side in various views - Chart, Table, Report, etc. See how compatible different individuals are and in what areas. Get and in-depth look at peoples biorhythms and learn in advance about the upcoming critical days, to make informed decisions with that information. Organize people profiles in different ways and into different folders and create detailed individual and summary biorhythm reports - ideal sports team biorhythm analysis, as well as building effective teams in general.


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Biorhythms Calculator features

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Key features of Biorhythms Calculator

  • 8 Views - Chart, Table, Report, Compatibility, Calendar...
  • 12 Built-in Cycles, Support for Custom Cycles
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Professional Profile Management
  • Office 2007 - like User Interface
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Create better teams by taking into account biorhythm compatibility
Improve individual performance by monitoring biorhythms and planning accordingly