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Chronotek Feature Summary

  • GPS Technology to Report Map of Employee Daily Activity
  • IVR Technology Captures Caller ID from Site Phones
  • Messaging Between Employees & Management (Voicemail or App)
  • Scheduling Tool to Build Schedules for Employees and Jobs
  • No-Show Alerts For Missed Job Schedules
  • Voice Verification To Prevent "Buddy Punching"
  • Exports for Major and Independent Payroll Services
  • Live Dashboards to Know Live Status of Employees and Jobs
  • Calculated Time Card Hours to Prevent Overtime
  • Supervisor App to Monitor Employees and Jobs from Anywhere
  • Travel Time & Mileage Automatically Calculated Between Jobs
  • Job Costing and Labor Reports with Exports to Excel and PDF
  • API with QuickBooks for Simple Payroll Processing
  • Employees Clock In by Phone Call, Mobile App or Web Clock
  • Employee Location Verification at Clock In and Out
  • Shift Lock Prevents Early Clock In to Job Schedules

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Chronotek Feature Reviews

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Almost Perfect


My biggest issue with the system is that it is not very mobile phone friendly and there is no smartphone app!

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