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If your current compensation planning process is facilitated by long hours, excel, plus email then you will be amazed how easily and cost-effectively you can automate your entire compensation planning process by rolling out CompXL.

If you already have a compensation module but find that it falls short of meeting your requirements, you will be pleased to learn that you can license just the CompXL Solution that you need to fill your functional gap: MERIT, BONUS, EQUITY, or REWARDS. Licensing only the solution you need to can help ease the process of getting budget approval for your project because it cost effectively enhances the value of your ERP/HCM compensation module - it doesn't seek to replace it. .


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Rebekah Alexander

Drastically cut down transaction time; New reports function invaluable

Reviewed 2016-02-24
Review Source: Software Advice

This is my second compensation year using CompXL. After the initial year of implementation, the software cut down my year-end compensation process drastically. In previous years, I would be at the office until 10pm every night for weeks on end and would be meticulously searching for file linkage errors and missed updates. The worst part about distributing Excel files to each of your department leaders individually is how difficult it is to keep track of minor tweaks and adjustments made throughout the inevitable iterations of the compensation process. The software is completely customized to my own uniquely complicated incentive compensation structure at my firm, which I would not be able to find anywhere else to this great of detail. My biggest qualms with the software in the first year was the lack of reporting/filtering capabilities. They have updated that this year and the reporting functionality is literally invaluable. While it might take a less tech-savvy person a while to get the hang of the configuration of reports, for someone like me (who can manipulate excel from an intermediate to advanced level), the new reports allow me the perfect amount of autonomy to configure as many complex reports as I'd like. My CEO requires 30+ reports a year, so semi-automating this process was crucial. This has made my life so much easier that the biggest issue is me being LESS meticulous and detail-oriented because I trust the program more.

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Kathy Shell

Flexible software, responsive team to work with

Used other for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-11-06
Review Source: Capterra

We implemented the software as a temporary solution last year while we determine if/when we'll implement a full HCM that includes compensation. It replaced a system that was extremely difficult to use, lacked flexibility, and took 4-5 hours to refresh reports with a significantly manual process. CompXL gave us exactly what we needed at a reasonable price. This was our first attempt at implementing a common system worldwide and we were able to meet almost all expectations for each of our operating companies and come to agreement on a single configuration solution when necessary. The interface was easy for most managers to use given that it's very Excel-like. The ability to change the hierarchy helps when we have people moving around. The reporting runs in seconds and is up to the minute with changes that have been entered. My only complaint is that the software runs slowly when using the online version of the workbook and when refreshing pages/moving between pages in the application. The flexibility of the software to do most of what we needed. We were able to customize the reporting so our award approval process is very quick to complete. In addition, the customer service received from our account rep was always very timely and informative.

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Kathy L

Great Product/Great Service

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-08-11
Review Source: Capterra

This has been a very positive experience for my company. I was looking for a tool that would eliminate the manual slicing & dicing of spreadsheets and CompXL was able to provide a product to accomplish this. This tool is now sued for several different processes (Performance Management Ratings, Bonus, Merit) down to providing communication statements to employees for incentives and increases. The support we receive is outstanding. Matt is extremely flexible and supportive of our needs. If you are looking for ways to streamline processes for annual cycles and you cannot afford to purchase other more expensive systems, then this is a great option. Affordable and easy to use.Ease of use.

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Tricia Eusebio

CompXL is a Lifesaver

Used other for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-18
Review Source: Capterra

We went to the CompXL team with very little time to implement this program for use during the annual compensation process. The team assured me that they could have this up in running with plenty of time to test and implement. The team was completely right about the implementation. We were successful that year that we stayed another two years after the initial implementation. I would suggest this software to any company that needs a simple system, low cost, and fully supported. Great system!* The software was very simplistic and easy for our manager population to complete a Compensation process * If there were kinks or fixes to be made, we got immediate service to get issues resolved * Programmers were very knowledgeable of the software and very responsive * The program was easy to implement in a limited time

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Michael Miles


Used other for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-17
Review Source: Capterra

Great overall experience. Prior to CompXL we had a very labor intensive process using excel files that would be altered by users causing significant administration issues. CompXL provided a framework and functionality to control the data and user interface eliminating the ability for users to to alter sheets. Great product. We use excel to a great extent and CompXL allows to leverage excel to manage our compensation information and processes in a very effective customized solution for compensation management.

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CompensationXL is provided as perpetual license or annual subscription. It can be deployed behind your firewall or hosted with us. First year spend can be as low as $15k USD.

CompensationXL features

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Additional information for CompensationXL

Key features of CompensationXL

  • Merit Planning
  • Short Term Incentives
  • Long Term Incentives
  • Focal Cycles
  • Anniversary Based Cycles
  • Complex Calculations
  • Adhoc Reports
  • Automated Approval routing
  • ERP/HRMS Integration
  • Custom Pages Supported
  • Administer compensation programs
  • Establish and maintain a pay-for-performance strategy
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- Shorten Duration of Focal Planning Cycles
- Provide Managers an All-in-one View for Planning, Less Clicking Around, Better Informed Decisions!
- Salary History Import and Display for Manager Decision Support
- Flexible Approval Routing so you can push Discretion all the way to the bottom
- End of Cycle Statements from Simple Adjustment Letters to Multi-Page Total Rewards Statements