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Colleague feedback and performance evaluation

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What is is built around the question "How's my work?"SM. Users connect with current and former colleagues for honest and, if desired, anonymous feedback on their professional profile, their overall work performance, and the quality and effectiveness of deliverables or specific milestones.

* Users can customize a review template to specific industries, companies, or projects;
* Requested feedback can range from simple commentary to detailed critique;
* Requests are sent via email and/or links that are easy to embed in social networks, blogs, etc.

With a single click, users can receive empirical and statistical details that address questions such as: "how am I doing at work over time?", "how are my interpersonal skills vs. my productivity?", or "how am I seen by subordinates vs. supervisors?" This ongoing, analytical approach to work performance puts more practical information in the hands of the worker than is usually provided via traditional annual reviews, sporadic bursts of feedback via email or water cooler chat, or online business networking sites.

With, users can pro-actively send work evaluations to colleagues via email on an ad hoc basis. The anonymous response and public/private features encourage candor.


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* Become more marketable and hirable by validating their skills;

* Take control of their professional reputation by gathering genuine, in-depth, sometimes anonymous, feedback from coworkers throughout their career;

* Get ahead by promoting their strengths and identifying problem areas, and monitoring their performance with actionable metrics;

* Set and analyze goals to improve their effectiveness on the job.