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Easy-to-use, affordable and effective employee performance management software.


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English, French, German, Irish, Italian and 5 other languages, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian
CRG emPerform screenshot: Get started today!CRG emPerform screenshot: Easy to use performance management software.CRG emPerform screenshot: Flexible performance appraisals and self-assesments.CRG emPerform screenshot: Ongoing feedback and performance journals. CRG emPerform screenshot: Intuitive reporting & dashboards.

CRG emPerform reviews

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Karie Richards

We love emPerform!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-10-31
Review Source: Capterra

Our organization has enjoyed a terrific collaborative experience with the emPerform performance management system, and the entire emPerform support team, from our first point of contact, through the initial implementation, continuing through our ongoing use of the system, and our enjoyable (and I do mean that enjoyable, every time!) correspondence with the emPerform team for support, training, upgrades, etc. From day one, the software has been of extremely high value to us both the product and the service provided by emPerform has been above and beyond all of our (high!) expectations. It's just a great product and a great team to be involved with. We couldn't ask for more.From an administrative perspective, I like how elegant and easy the system is to use. I appreciate being able to design new forms and evaluation workflows myself (the well designed system makes me feel so smart, it's that user friendly!), knowing too that if I get stuck a clear and informative tutorial, as well as fabulous tech support are immediately accessible. I like that the emPerform technology is seamlessly supporting important conversations between our managers and their direct reports. Instead of being overwhelmed and bogged down with the forms as they used to be, our managers are freed up to focus their attention on our employees rather than struggling with the forms. This is, of course, invaluable for us.

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Heidi Tombs

emPerform is a nice tool but a bit clunky

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-10-31
Review Source: Capterra

The journaling and tagging features in emPerform support our ongoing performance review process. The improved user interface that was rolled out in January 2016 is a big improvement over the previous version. One of their greatest strengths is their very helpful customer service team and account managers - always responsive and thorough. However, the system is still clunky, particularly on the admin side, and administrators and users alike continue to have difficulty even logging in. The system could use a bit of a technology update as well, incorporating more features and allowing for hyperlinks and more individualization. customer service, improved user interface on the individual employee login side, journaling and tagging features

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Janell Mitchell

Great Performance Management Tool

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-10-26
Review Source

I was just recently introduced by emPerform while recently entering into a new position, and like many other companies we were using the method of handing a print off to an employee and asking them to complete their own evaluation. Which this method is fine as long as there is open dialect between Manager and employee, but at times we all get busy and lose sight of this process. This was my first experience using and performance management system, and first impression is that I was very impressed. The fact that this system will help initiate the open communication between Manager and employee and to hold all parties involved engaged and accountable for their part in the process. I also love the fact that you will have access to past evaluations to reflect on what you have done in the past and that all the information will be available and accessible at your leisure. I cannot say enough about the level of customer service that was offered from emPerform's staff and level of professionalism, we had an awesome trainer and facilitator by the name of Kris Kyritzopolous. During and after the implementation Kris was always accessible and very responsive, and just executed the level of customer service, that was very refreshing. I would highly recommend this product to any corporation looking to effective promote their performance management process.Very user friendly from an employee standpoint

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Linnea Belding

Good tool for the employees - terrible for the administrators

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-11-01
Review Source: Capterra

EmPerform is very complicated to use from an administrative standpoint. I've been working with the system for soon 2 years, and I'm still getting confused and frustrated when I need to design a new appraisal or change something in a current appraisal (and I consider myself very computer savvy). Customer Service is not included, so they bill us every time I need to call or email for support (which is quite frequently). Our employees do like the system, and it looks good once it's up and running. It's a nice and functional performance management tool from an employee standpoint, however the headache to set it up and lack of support is not worth the end result.

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Angelo Vidalis

Talent Management Initiative

Reviewed 2015-04-30
Review Source: Capterra

With well earned respect, I confidently recommend emPerform for future talent management projects. Looking to breathe some life into our employee evaluation process. I had the good fortune of working with CRG emPerform on the renovation of our Talent Management Initiative. It stood out as one of the most complex projects undertaken by our organization. The success of this complex project depended in large measure on the CRG emPerform team assembled and their ability to communicate and work collaboratively with us towards the goal of an easy-to-use online process. CRG emPerform delivered an all-inclusive functionality that effectively automated and streamlined our employee appraisals. CRG emPerform `s service to NTS was and is excellent. Again, I highly recommend them and would welcome their contribution to future talent management projects.

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emPerform is hands-down the best value available. For less than most vendors charge for a single module, emPerform includes all of the configurable and powerful functionality needed to assess and reward performance and build a competitive talent base.

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Customizable Branding
Employee Management
Performance Management

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What makes emPerform different?

All-Inclusive: Unlike other vendors, emPerform is not modularized. Everything needed is included in one easy-to-use package for the less than most vendors charge for a single module.

Configurable: emPerform was designed from the ground up to be completely configurable to your unique needs. You choose the layouts, rating scales, vocabulary, workflows, language, and processes that suit your exact requirements.

Price: emPerform is hands-down the best value for your talent management dollar and we back that by our Best-Value Guarantee.

Integration: To make things as easy as possible, emPerform is able to integrate with your current HRIS, payroll, and LMS.