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Cronforce overview

Cronforce is designed for freelancers, small to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises comprised of smaller departments. It is ideal for organizations in any industry looking to track time, timeoffs, budgets and resources in order to remain productive and profitable. The cloud-based software is valuable for finance managers, HR managers, project managers and decision makers.

Comprised of modules and dashboards, Cronforce has powerful analytics tools to turn work data into understandable graphics. It tracks time and automates business processes to help manage time, budgets and resources.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, German, Portuguese, Russian
Cronforce screenshot: Dashboard with helpful time and approval KPIsCronforce Time Tracking for JIRA (check link below for newer version)Cronforce screenshot: Intuitive and flexible timesheet formats geared to save your employees timeCronforce screenshot: Vacation and absences made super easy for employees and managementCronforce screenshot: Budget and rates to ensure robust project costing and controlling for your businessCronforce screenshot: Flexible assignment of billable and cost ratesCronforce screenshot: Built-in time clock optimised for instant time captureCronforce Tutorial - How to Use Timeoffs moduleCronforce Tutorial - How to Set up Departments, Clients and ProjectsCronforce Tutorial - How to Use Finance moduleCronforce Tutorial - How to Configure Company Settings

Cronforce reviews


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John Stark

"Cronforce is an effective daily time tracking and reporting tool.

Reviewed 2015-09-09
Review Source: GetApp

It has a simple interface that allows quick and easy time tracking against multiple projects. The percentage complete function makes it easy for users to see how much time they have left in a project or task, and the project reporting facilitates this for team leaders as well. The project reporting is fairly robust, with the ability to create reports on the fly and get exactly the information you need when you need it. The integration with several business tools is great for setting up new projects in Cronforce.Cronforce has many important features out of the box. However, they also have a great feature release cycle and they will listen to your feedback. We have requested several features that have made it into their update calendar and are now part of the system. We use Cronforce for all elements of time tracking. The project and task management functions help to keep our project leaders informed on their project burndown and allow us to plan accordingly. The reporting functions allow us to quickly collect data for capitalization, payroll, and other critical functions."

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Dovy Fuchs

Super Easy

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-09-09
Review Source: GetApp

While working at a bank, our DM very tightly regulated out comings/goings and to get an accurate read we used Cronforce. To log in, we simply called a specified nume (from our desk line) and to log out we did the same. Of course editing times was easy as plugging in the correct numbers and resulted in an"edit" alert which was read by the employer.

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Spiro Tsakis

Simple interface that is fairly intuitive

Reviewed 2015-09-11
Review Source: GetApp

Administration is not overly complex. Reporting functionality is good as well. Can integrate with other applications (Jira and Google Apps in our case). This is a solid product that is meeting our needs, which currently are limited to time reporting on projects. It does allow for multiple project types and billing types, which creates some decent flexibility.

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George Petkov

Very good piece of software even for a small business

Reviewed 2015-09-30
Review Source: GetApp

Love these guys, always very helpful. Special thanks goes to Chris who has supported be regularly and out of working hours. I have a small business and they are still responsive and help me with reporting when i need it. Recommend!

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Alexandra Nikolova

Time planning made easy and intuitive

Reviewed 2015-02-06
Review Source: Capterra

I have started using Cronforce just after the start of 2015 in search of a good tool to evaluate my team's workflow and finally have a better time-planning. It is quite easy to use: just create a project and sub-projects and add your team members. Everyone is then able to submit their weekly working hours per project and task - it takes only few seconds. After that their managers can review the whole project's timeline using a beautiful visuals (similar to Google Analytics). I find very good about this product that: + You can integrate data from Jira (and other project management tools, too). + One person can work on several projects and you can bill their time separately (and can have different wagerate). + There is a nice clock you can turn on and off; or pause. Very useful to track time. Some of the important features are under development, but it seems they'll be around quite soon. I recommend trying it.

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All Inclusive: €15/month
Timesheets: Free
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15 Users:

All Inclusive: €50/month
Timesheets: €25/month
TimeOffs: €25/month

25 Users:

All Inclusive: €125/month
Timesheets: €65/month
TimeOffs: €65/month

50 Users:

All Inclusive: €275/month
Timesheets: €140/month
TimeOffs: €140/month

100 Users:

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Cronforce features

Compliance Management
Time & Attendance Tracking

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Additional information for Cronforce

Key features of Cronforce

  • Instant project creation
  • Custom project structure with subprojects, phases & tasks
  • Built-in time clock for instant time capture
  • Auto approval of timesheets
  • Flexible approval workflows
  • Timesheets managment
  • TimeOff management
  • Real-time overview & reports
  • Create actual project budget graphs
  • Role based access to functionality & data
  • Custom dashboards
  • Mobile ready web app
  • Email notifications
  • Daily Backups
  • Integrations
  • 24/7 phone & online support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Data safety compliance
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Dashboards display company information in real-time so that those authorized can make informed business decisions

Cronforce integrates with your existing project management system meaning there's no need to re-enter time, rates and project tasks

A built-in clock captures time worked whilst automated approval workflows are flexible and allow multiple supervisors

Cronforce analytics tools turn work data into insights

Automatic daily back-ups ensure that your data is always safe