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The Learning Intelligence System (LIS) is DecisionWise’s employment engagement survey software offering online reporting tools for at-a-glance data visualization. Boasting cloud-based access to an intuitive dashboard UI, overviews of employee survey data are summarized immediately with deeper analysis just clicks away. Detailed, dynamic and visually arresting charts show filterable results that users, based on access permissions, can drill down through each level of the organization. Acknowledging custom corporate structures, department or workgroup scores can be interrogated, using a population filter to view subsets within groups or compare multiple populations.

Crucially, LIS promises transparency across daily employee engagement, filtering participation results by key categories as they happen. While live surveys are running, leaders can see participation levels in real-time and adopt new strategies to raise response rates among certain locations or groups. Get sortable score rankings based on response types for individual survey questions, viewing different graph types before exporting the data to Microsoft Excel.

DecisionWise Pricing

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

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Key Features of DecisionWise

  • Surveys
  • Employee alignment
  • Cultural alignment
  • Manage employee feedback
  • Deploy employee surveys
  • Dashboard-based reports
  • Filter data views by category
  • Survey answer scoring
  • Employee engagement
  • Customizable survey questions
  • Chart visualizations
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • User access permissions
  • Organizational structure charting
  • Word cloud feature
  • Benchmarking against online data
  • Real time participation updates
  • Search bar tools
  • Assessment advisor for custom reports
  • Compare by demographics
  • View departmental performance

DecisionWise Screenshots (10)

DecisionWise screenshot: Understand engagement levels, viewing positive and negative perceptions across the organization  DecisionWise screenshot: Rapidly establish performance levels within each department and sub-department of the companyDecisionWise screenshot: Drill down into results for each level of an organization, filtering results by company categoriesDecisionWise screenshot: View employee engagement survey data at-a-glance with dashboard summariesDecisionWise screenshot: Track response rates as they happen, viewing live real-time data around survey participationDecisionWise screenshot: View a sortable ranking of scores across all survey questions or by groups of questionsDecisionWise screenshot: Make benchmark comparisons of the organization’s results against DecisionWise's database of 14m+ responsesDecisionWise screenshot: Quickly establish the greatest gaps in scores between any group or demographic categoryDecisionWise screenshot: Filter written responses to open-ended survey questions with the interactive word cloud featureDecisionWise screenshot: The assessment advisor creates custom reports and views that can be saved and shared with specific people


Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business
Devices Supported
Supported Countries
Canada, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

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Learning Intelligence System (LIS) supports the encouragement of employee engagement and increased participation when capturing responses to survey questions.
From an online dashboard-based UI, users can instantly view survey response data in real-time across all levels of an organization depending on access level permissions.
Dynamic visualizations can be drilled down quickly and filtered by location and other variables to gauge live participation rates, while ranking question scores and exporting data to Excel.
Benchmark organizational results with DecisionWise’s response database, juxtaposing legacy results against current and making direct company-wide departmental comparisons.
Leverage the word cloud feature to analyze open-ended, freely written survey answers by filtering the feedback and better gauging staff perspectives.