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Select and design you own skills, qualifications and experience items
A unique feature of SB-RECRUITING is the item catalogue. You will find a wide range of items you want to know about from you applicant, but you can also change or create new items.

Templates reduce effort
Job postings can be created fast by choosing from a set of predefined job templates. SB-Recruiting is embedded into your company web site. Candidates fill in the online form and recruiter can easily manage the applications with a variety of useful features to select the most suitable applicants quickly.

Ranking based on suitability
Candidates are ranked according to a scoring system. Depending on the answers to the questions asked points will be credited to each applicant. The higher the score the more suitable the candidate is for the respective role.

It gives you a first impression before you review the complete application thereby allowing a faster and more fact-based selection process.

Managing applications
SB-RECRUITING allows you to review applications and take the appropriate steps such as sending interview invites or declines. Within the services section standard email-templates were defined.
Incoming mail or e-mail applications can be added in the back-office.

Facebook® posting
You can use your company Facebook site to:

- use the Facebook® posting to attract new target groups
- embed job postings
- enables employees and recruiters to refer their friends to it

Facebook® Platform Posting: Get more valuable referrals by tapping directly into this popular social utility using Facebook's application feature. Candidates can start their application process right from your Facebook career page.


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United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Germany and 4 other markets, India, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, German
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Volker Bronheim

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Reviewed 2012-03-26
Review Source: GetApp

Since the founding of our company in the area of ​​Staffing / Recruitment in 2009, the number of applicants has increased steadily, so we had to decide after a successful alternative to traditional e-mail applications. We need a database and an easy and quick way applications will be processed quickly and clearly and be able to. Of particular note for SB RECRUTING are that jobs can be created individually, ie, performance of our needs are. Very easy to use and easy to understand in handling the operation. Other programs - Simple website integration, applications directly through our website, we compare these alternative westenlich more expensive and less flexible. At every opportunity we can recommend to other SB-RECRUTING company specialized. VIF Personal Vermittlung in Festanstellung GbR Bronheim & Mokri

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30 days free trial, $29.99 US/month for an English or €29.99/month for a German version, no use no pay


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Additional information for SB-RECRUITING

Key features of SB-RECRUITING

  • Post your job offerings on your own website
  • Manage jobs and applications online
  • Design your jobs including qualifications and competencies
  • Give applicants detailed idea of job requirements
  • Automatic application ranking simplifies preselection
  • Have all details available everywhere when interviewing
  • Manage pool of applicants
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- get more applications as "apply now" is just one klick
- get even more applications when embedding your postings in Facebook
- save 50% of your time reviewing applications
- improve quality of applications using a structured template
- save even more time sending invites and declines
- improve the look