eFrontPro Tutorials - Adding a new course with lessons & an event


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eFrontPro Tutorials - Adding a new course with lessons & an event

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Chris (eFront)

Chris: Okay I’ve accessed the course option as the super admin and here I can see all the various courses on the portal. If I go to ‘Add a new course’ to show you how easily this can be done so for example we can include an image to a course and we can give it a name. I’ll just call this ‘Test Course’. We can select a category that we would like and either associate it directly if we have or we can type a new one directly so I’ll select the ‘samples’ option here.

And then when this says ‘Type’ we have two options; the first is eLearning. This is used in cases where we just want to deliver self-paced eLearning type content to our users and include in our course. Then we have the Blended option. This is in cases where we want to also include some mild ‘t-type’ so some instructional training which can either consist of physical face to face type training in a physical location or webinars like a virtual meeting. We can make these parts of our course and either deliver them only as an ILT type course or also include some eLearning to deliver a blended course to our users. In this case I’ll select the blended option to mention this to you.

I can give my course a description. I can include some advanced settings here and I won’t go into too much detail at this point but there are various advanced options here that we can select from. Now, if I just add this – Now I’ve created my course entry onto the system I can then add lessons and also events to my course. The lessons would reflect the eLearning parts of the course and the events reflects those face to face physical trainings or virtual through a webinar or something like this. What I can do I can either create a new lesson directly by clicking on the ‘Add lesson’ option or I can show all lessons on the portal that I already have and I can include them into this course. I’ve selected these two eLearning lessons at the moment and they are now included in this particular test course that I’m setting up.

Now what I want to do I also want to add an event so I can show you how we can set these up. When adding an event all you have to do is give it a name so I’m going to call this ‘Introduction’ and it’s going to be on the 11th of January. I’m going to select. This is actually going to be in Venue 1in the USA. You have to previously create your locations and this is to ensure there are no errors while answering them and you can put a description. We also have some advanced lessons too so for example because this is a physical location I can set the maximum number of seats that physically fit in this classroom setting. I can select when the registration to this ends and when cancellation will end as well.

I’m not going to include any advanced options I’m just going to add this. Now I have my Test course which consists of two eLearning lessons but also this ‘Introduction event’. I can reorder them if I want so if I wanted I could have the Introduction Events first and then include my eLearning or the other way around. Then what I can do I can actually go into this event and I can create sessions. This is because an event can have multiple sessions so for example, although it may take place in venue one in USA on this date and time if I want I can add another session which is also the introduction session but I’m going to add it on a different date. I’m going to say this is actually going to be on the 20th of January and this is in fact going to be in venue 1 in Europe and I’m going to add this.

Now I have my introduction event that has two sessions in different locations and times. If I want I can also setup a third session and this is going to be called the Introduction Webinar because in this case I’m going to say that it’s going to take place on the 25th of January and this is going to be using the WebEx conference that we’ve connected to this particular portal. So as the main super admin you can connect the web conference and tool that you want. In this case we’ve connected WebEx but you can also connect the big blue button by default as well and the way it’s included for pro. It’s relatively easy to include other web conferencing tools as well so if you need to use a different one, we can discuss that in more detail. I’m going to add this now.

What this would do would actually create the WebEx meeting in the WebEx itself and then whenever you add users to this session they would then be sent the relevant links as well so you don’t actually have to set it up in WebEx. It would all be done directly from within E-front when you setup a virtual meeting.

We have various other options here so we have a wait list that we can include and we can add users. If we want we can select sessions for users, for example here I can go in and I can say that this user I want to sign him to this particular session and so now they’re added to this particular session. Alternatively, we can allow users to self-enroll and self-select which session is most suitable for them and we’ll have a look how we can do that now and we’ll switch over to the student.