eFrontPro Tutorials - Adding a survey and the skill gap test


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eFrontPro Tutorials - Adding a survey and the skill gap test

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Chris (eFront)

Chris: We can also add surveys which is similar to test but the answers are not scored. We can make them parts of our course. User would have to also answer that survey in order to complete that course. We can determine the completion conditions here. How a user would be able to automatically complete this course. At the moment we have -- they have sealed units. If we want, we can add additional. We can say -- they only have to see this specific unit for example. Or we can add as many different rules that we need.

We can add files from here directly as well. We can include information to -- users know what this course is all about. They here can see -- track attendance and progress from here. They can see that a lot of users enrolled, the status, when they started, when they completed and the score they've achieved.

Also here, as part of the advanced settings we can -- we have very advanced settings here. One of them is the offline use and this is where we can -- we can enable this and what happens is -- that's if I switch over to student to show you this very quickly. The offline option will enable this download for offline use option here. The user will then be able to click on this to download the content of this course into an offline state. They can then complete while they're offline. They can then synchronize the progress back up to Efront when they're back in an internet zone to be then included on reports and so on.

When setting up tests we have an option -- if I go to tests here quickly, we have a -- we can also select the skill gap test option. What this means -- if we include a skill gap test in our course, what this means is that when we assign this to a user they have two options. The first is to attempt the skill gap test or they can just go directly into the course. If they select the first which is to attempt the skill gap test -- if they get -- if they pass -- depending on how you set up that test. If they have to get all questions correct or 80% or 50%. If they pass that test, they then complete the course automatically. Okay, it's a nice way to determine if a user already has the knowledge required or delivered as part of this course and allow them to skip it is they already have the knowledge. Alternatively, if they don't pass the test, the skill gap test, they would have to be required to complete the course and the content included. It's up to -- by assigning this skill gap test you give that user the option to maybe skip it, skip the course content itself if they can past the test.

That's really from the professor what I wanted to show you. Switching back up to the admin now, we can just see some of the more advanced options here. We have notifications. Notifications allow us to mass communicate with our users based on a predetermined set of events. We have various events already set up here. For example, I can say -- I can go into this course completed notification and -- first of all I can select the recipients. In this case I've selected the end user, the supervisor which would be that branch administrator for the user and also the professor of this particular course. First of all, the end user -- the user that is completing this course, would receive this notification that we select from here. We can include some additional information if we want and also some ... text. We can include the date and time for example. We included the course name, the score this user got and various other options here that we have. Whenever a user completes a course they will receive this ... message here with the option to download the certificate.

Then here, this notification would be sent to all others we've included. This would then go out to the branch administrator and the course professor. We could then notify them that this particular user has completed this course with this score and any other information we want to include as well. We can include and ... tempalized text.