eFrontPro Tutorials - Central login page, custom pages & creating users


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eFrontPro Tutorials - Central login page, custom pages & creating users

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Chris (eFront)

Chris: The central login pitch for efront pro. You can customize the information shared on this page for example at the moment I have the sign in box at the left, a contact task form. I’ve shared also announcements which the administrator can share with the users of the portal. I’ve also included an introductory video here for efront pro which you can use to share any additional marketing information you want with users prior to them logging on.

Directly below I’ve included some featured courses which are some highlight courses. I would like to make sure the users can see and below I’ve also included the course catalogue so you can change all the information that you see here. You can include a variety of additional information that you need in order to share with users prior to them logging on. In addition, you can also create custom pages, at the moment here I’ve shared a news page and I’ve made this available to users both prior to logging on and after as we will see. This is just to show you that you can also include custom pages with your users.

I’m going to click a login now as an administrator. This is what the administrator will see when they first log on. I’ll just point you to the themes so we can just finish off with that custom page layout. This is where you can create those custom pieces of information and share them and determine their layout. For example, here on the home page this is the information I’ve shared. Then these are the two custom pages and we have the News and the frequently asked questions. The frequently asked questions are only available to users once they’ve logged on so you can determine all of this from this page here when you add a new page so just going back to the home page where this is the administrator.

On efront pro we have three main user types. We have the administrator, the professor and the student. The administrator is responsible for the portal as a whole and as we can see here we have all the various settings and options to setup the portal. Then we have the professor who’s responsible for their own courses and uploading content of these and managing them as they then want to deliver them to the end user. We then have the student who’s just responsible for completely any training that has been assigned to them or that they may have selected from the course catalogue by themselves.

In addition however to these three main user types we can also create custom user types and tweak the access rights information according to our needs. This is easily done by adding a new user type here and what we can do we can base it on one of the main user roles. In this case I’ll say the administrator and for example we can create an administrative assistant and we can go through various options here and tweak all the access rights that they will have. So for example users we can allow them to view them but not edit them. So we can work our way through to determine the roles that we want this custom user role to have.