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eFrontPro Tutorials - Student view, assigned courses, reports, messages & discussions

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Chris (eFront)

Chris: Okay so switching over to the student. So, you can directly see that I've switched so now this student is assigned to a different branch. We can see which branch they are assigned to at the top. This particular branch has a different theme associated to it, as you can see. So, it's changed the background and everything.

What, essentially, we see here when we log on as a student is my courses list so these are the courses I'm already enrolled on as a student. I can see at a glance my progress within each of the various courses. If I prefer, I can view these courses on a grid mode, so if you've associated images to the courses, the users can then distinguish between the courses using the images themselves.

Presenter: Now, these are the courses I'm already enrolled on. We can see our progress as reset if we've received a certificate or we can click on the certificate icon to download it and store it locally if needed. On the right-hand side here, we can access the course catalog. So, this is where the learner or the student can view any additional courses that they may be interested in and this would be branch specific as we said. So, in this case, these are the courses that I've shared with this particular finance department.

The user can easily either search for a course they're looking for and so I've found the one here that I want. If I click on this, I can then see, you know, what this particular course consists of. So, I can see the description. I can see that it has some e-learning components so two e-learning lessons here, and also has an IOT type of event. This is where I would then be able to select which session is most suitable for me and self-register to that particular session. By selecting a session, I am also enrolled onto the course and I would then also gain access to the e-learning component. That's how a student would self-enroll onto their own preferred session.

Just going back to the home page for the student. Some of the other options were have here. As a student, I can click on my icon. This is where I can then access my accounts and update some information that is related to me. Then, we also have the reports tab here. So, this is essentially where I can review my reports. I can see some summary information here at the top, so how many courses I'm enrolled on, how many completions, the time I've spent online, the latest activity, and so on. I can then see in detail exactly which courses I'm enrolled on, the status I have within each, the time spent, the score I achieved, and if I want, I can also, again, download that certificate from here as well directly.

Now, the other thing to mention here is, as well, that each user on eFront has their own calendar. They can see any events related to any of the lessons or courses they're enrolled on. We also have an in-build messaging option so the user can send messages to their instructors or their branch administrator which would be their team manager, as we said, and also maybe if you allow, the users can then collaborate between each other as well through messages. We also have discussions for these which are essentially like forums and the reason for these is to enable collaboration between users.

The custom pages are also shown here to the user. This is one, the frequently asked question. This is just to show you that you can also share these custom pages with your users and really share the information you need with them.