eFrontPro Tutorials - Third party integrations


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eFrontPro Tutorials - Third party integrations

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Chris (eFront)

Chris: eFront supports LDAP and Samel for single sign-on. We have extensive APIs available as well so you can communicate information with external systems as needed. This Facebook integration here allows you to enable users to log on using Facebook credentials, and Encode Magic is the option where you have the video converter, for example, that we discussed when we were looking at content in the background. So this is included.

Conferences – so this is where you connect your WebX or your big blue button conference. Accounts, so when you set up those virtual conferences, they're then set up directly as well.

And OpenSesame, we've integrated with, and it allows you select or purchase off-the-shelf, ready content or courses, and deliver them to your end user.