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eFrontPro Tutorials - User notifications & reports

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Chris (eFront)

Chris: So we can just see some of the more advanced options here. So, we have notifications. Notifications allow us to mass communicate with our users based on a predetermined set of events. So, we have various events already set up here. And, so for example, I can say, I can go into this course completed notification and, so first of all, I can select the recipients. So, in this case, I've selected the end user, the supervisor, which would be the branch administrator for the user and also the professor of this particular course.

So, first of all, the end user. So, the user that is completing this course would receive this notification that we select from here. This, we can include some additional information if we want, and some -- and also some template text so we can include the date and time, for example. We've included the course name, the score this user got and various other options here that we have. And, so whenever a user completes a course, they will receive this notification or message here, with the option to download the certificate. And then here, this notification would be sent to all others we've included.

So, this would then go out to the branch administrator and the course professor and so, we could then notify them that this particular user has completed this course with this score and any other information we want to include as well, we can include and some template text, so we can have multiple recipients per notification according to our needs, okay. So, this is a really nice way to automate these messages again and again, take away a lot of the administration from the admin.

Okay so reports. Very important. We have -- we've simplified these on eFront so we have these nine default reports available and what we've done, we've included the various filters that you can use to filter down to get the information that you're looking for. Okay, so at the moment, I'm under the system reports, and I can see the total number of users on the system and courses and so on.

If I want, I can filter this down and see only for a particular branch, for example, so, for this finance branch, and if I submit this, okay, so this will now then show me only the users related to this branch and so on. On the graph below, we can see the number of sign-ins versus course completions. We can change this according to some predetermined time frames and the graph will then adjust or we can select our own period as well and then the graph will adjust.

We can save filters so that we can easily access them again at a later stage, and we can also schedule these reports to be automatically sent out at the frequency that we want. So, we could save every Monday, we want the following recipients to receive this email, which would then be sent to their email as an Excel direct link.

Okay, so that's the system report. We can also then see the user reports. So, this is still keeping this finance filter that I've selected, so this is now showing me only users within this branch. And I can see, you know, how many courses are assigned to as a total, how many they've completed and some more custom registration fields that I've included here, which is just to show you that you can also include them on reports as well. You're commonly asked to include, let's say the employee ID number, and so this is to show you that you can include it on these reports.

Once you've found the users that you want, you can then click on them and go into their profile and see exactly, which courses they're enrolled on, their progress and status within each or alternatively, you can go by course and you can filter, by course and see all the users assigned to each course. What I want to show you here as well is the test reports. So, this will show us all the tests on the portal. We can also go through the course for these, but from here, so once I've found the course, the test that I want and if I want I can filter and search by the test name directly.

So once I've found that test, I can then see the various users. Okay, so this is still keeping the finance filter. If I want, I can remove this and show all the users on the system that are related to this particular test or that have attempted this test. And so, I can see at a glance, all the statuses and the timespans and the score achieved and so on. If I really want, I can actually go in and view the exact responses given by each user so I can see where they went wrong, for example.

And, if I've allowed repetitions and the user has repeated this test, there'll be a dropdown option here where we can see prior attempt, where they went wrong and also we have this analysis tab, which gives us the answer distribution per question for the whole population that have attempted this test and this obviously gives me some valuable insights into whether a question is too easy or too difficult, or maybe I need to adjust my content a little bit to help my users.