eFrontPro Tutorials - Various other settings including gamification & payments


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eFrontPro Tutorials - Various other settings including gamification & payments

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Chris (eFront)

Chris: eFront supports plugins which are essentially are like add-ons and you can use these to enhance functionality as needed or you can use them to customize the look and feel, if you really want to take it to an advanced level. And, the reason I'm mentioning this is because we've also included a custom report here through a plugin and this can show some detail -- specific information that you need to particularly, and allow access to this.

Some of the other options we have, so I'm going to system settings for these. So we can determine various defaults information here. The locale, time zones, and so on. Appearance, you can change the logo and Favicon directly from within the portal. Security, so we can have -- we have various security options here. So, we can allow access from only a certain number of IPs. We can disallow certain file extensions, if we want. We can put passwords. We have various options so you can set the password length. You can force password change on the initial login. Various advanced options there for passwords.

Users, you can determine how users enrol onto the system, so you can select -- you can enable the self signup option, but it includes some additional security steps like email activation or admin approval or if you disable this then users won't be able to self-enrol, but the administrator would have to either manually add them or mass import them into eFront. Various advanced options, other settings here as well.

Email, we can connect our email account. Okay, gamification is quite a trendy term in the LMS world, recently. On eFrontPro, it consists of three aspects. So, we have points, badges and levels. Points, we can determine which action gives how many points. We can use points to get to do some short term tournaments, for example, and say, to get the trainee of the week or of the month, between our users.

Badges, we can determine which categories are enabled or not and we can then activate these accordingly. Users would then be assigned badges depending on if they achieve the certain tasks.

Levels, we can determine how many points, courses or badges a user needs to go up a level, and what you can do is, you could say, when a user reaches level 10, they get access to course X for example, and you can also enable the leaderboard. So, now if I switch over to a student to show you what this does, the gamification option enables this green button here at the top. A user can then click on this and since I have the leaderboards enabled, I can then see how I compare against my peers.

So the idea being that I have to try and be number one, and this would show me only users within my branch. So, it would be branch specific, okay. So, if you do use eFront to have multiple corporate clients, there's no worry that they would see users they're not supposed to, because it would only be branch specific, as needed.

Okay, so that's the gamification option. Just going back here into the system settings. We also can enable payments on the portal. We've integrated with both PayPal and Stripe. We're also including various other payment options such as UPAY and also another system called Foxy. We will get into more detail when those become available and so you can enable which payment processor you want and then you can then collect payments for users who then pay to get access to the various courses you want to deliver.