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All-in-one learning management and course authoring software

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What is Courselle?

Geenio is an all-in-one e-learning platform for business organizations. A comprehensive solution with an integrated power toolkit for sharing, delivering, and managing professional knowledge, it offers every tool a business could need to create, manage, assess, analyze, and improve its multimedia learning courses.

Organizations that use Geenio for internal training can expect to see increased sales as a result of their staffs better understanding company protocols and best practices. When companies want to educate and certify the resellers and business partners who work with their products, they can create educational programs specifically designed to make sales channels faster and more efficient. Geenio can also be used to promote loyalty and satisfaction when businesses utilize the cloud-based solution to educate customers about how to use their products.

When it comes to the seven basic learning styles—a visual, aural, solitary, social, logical, verbal, and physical—Geenio has it covered. The all-in-one e-learning platform makes spreading knowledge simple and efficient. Geenio provides its users with tools for creating online courses for the purpose of business training, recruitment, and education.

Cloud-based and mobile-ready, Geenio’s e-learning platform is all that organizations need to manage internal and external learning processes, with a framework for content generation and collaboration. Its comes with tools for building interactive online courses with multimedia content and knowledge assessments. Courses are designed in a modern, non-linear structure.

Although many companies will want to use Geenio internally for online education, the solution can also be relied upon for providing instructional services to customers, clients, and vendors, as well.