About Geenio, a learning management system


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About Geenio, a learning management system

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Max (Courselle)

Jimmy: Hi, and welcome back to another GetGuide brought to you by GetApp. Today, I'm joined by Max Sujian who is the Product Manager over at Geenio. Max, how are you?

Max: Hi, Jeremy, how are you? I'm fine, thanks.

Jimmy: Um, I'm doing great. So, let's see, why don't you, you know, maybe begin talking to me a little bit about what Geenio is and maybe some of the problems that it has helped users solve over these years.

Max: Yes, sure. Basically, Geenio is the platform for enabling subject matter experts to share their knowledge in form of interactive online courses. So, with that said, Geenio helps medium businesses, small businesses, as well as some large corporations to engage subject matter experts into producing e-learning courses, and this is basically the best form of sharing knowledge among employees, sharing the expertise on some products with customers of companies, et cetera, et cetera. So, the main feature of Geenio is that it is a complete platform that allows to do the whole cycle of e-learning. Basically, this includes producing the content, establishing the workflow for creating and reviewing the content, then publishing and assigning these courses to users and groups, and finally, analyze the results of e-learning by checking-in reports and statistics. That what Geenio does in couple of words.

Jimmy: And can you maybe, you know, share with me some of the markets that you find that are, you know, above maybe everyone else using and adopting Geenio for their e-learning?

Max: Yes absolutely. So, I can take couple for recent examples. First Geenio helped medium company about 800 employees. This is a company that produces financial software to drive their e-learning process, so they used Geenio to produce online courses and educate their customers on how to use their software platform. So that is one example that demonstrates, I would say, a big segment of our audience.

Jimmy: Oh okay...

Max: And um...

Jimmy: So, it can be used for employee facing courses and also for, you know, maybe your users and your customers?

Max: Absolutely. That's correct, and you just mentioned for employee facing courses, and this is also the case and it is mostly for big corporations, so we have a large network company that has several offices, several branch offices. They work in constructions business, and they use Geenio to educate their employees on several regulations trainings and some other internal rules and processes stuff, so this is also another case of using Geenio. I will also share one more exciting user scenario which we discovered to be really, well, unexpected for us. Geenio became very useful, too, for schools. So, teachers found that it is possible to give homework to their pupil with a form of interactive courses, and for some teachers who are not experts in building, you know, professional e-learning courses with some complex and sophisticated tools, Geenio appears to be at an easy and still efficient, an instrument to produce of kind of learning content which helps to keep pupils engaged into education even after classes.