First steps in creating a course in Geenio


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First steps in creating a course in Geenio

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Max (Courselle)

Max: Let me just go ahead and create some course. That would be a demo course with some description, and also let me upload some color over here and while I'm uploading this photo, let me just give you brief concept behind this, too. While we were creating Geenio, we wanted Geenio to become a single tool which is necessary for creating courses and driving the whole education process. That means that with Geenio, you don’t need any other tools to produce learning content and then assign it and do the rest of learning cycle.

This is one example of such approach. Right now I'm just cropping the picture to the size which I need for my course color within the tool itself so I don’t have to go to any graphical editor and do this adjustments there. So we tried to add everything necessary to these tools so our users don’t have to go elsewhere to produce learning contact.

So, here we go. This is what we call the Landing Page for the course and this is something that your students or your employees will see once they open up the course link from their enrollment, email, or if they go from a course catalog into this course, so this is something they will see. Obviously as a course also you can customize this. You can put some description over here, you can add some rich text content with formatting and also, you can attach some materials, let's say some PDF documents, et cetera, if you think it would help students to understand what is this course about.