Managing users and students in Geenio


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Managing users and students in Geenio

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Max (Courselle)

Max: Geenio allows to manage users in couple of ways. First, you can obviously create as many users as you need to, and if you don’t want some users to access the system, let's say, people who resign from the company or that could be one-time users, you could then disable this user account and you won't be charged for the disabled users here.

So, first rule, how would you add users to your Geenio site? There are two ways to do so. One is to manually create every and single user account here. So, you can specify a name, email, profession, location. Specify time zone, specify roles, and even assign some courses right away. Another way would be to invite users via email. So, let's say I want to invite Jared to my system and go through some course. So, "hi there. Please check out this course." This is something what would be shown in the mail and this is email I want to invite to my course. I will decide the learner rule and assign the small course with a due date to this person. So, that might be particularly useful for HR managers when they want to evaluate some users really quickly with some deadlines here. So I just invited this person to the system. This person will need to simply to activate the account by following the link and just jump into the course and go through this course as we need to.

And, of course, you can create groups to represent your company structure. This is some basic functionality. So, let's say, I want to create HR at the bottom here with some picture. Something like that. And also, I can invite users to this group, or I can assign existing users to this group as well. Obviously when I assign courses to my students, I can either assign those to individual users or to the whole group so that if a new person joins the group or resigns from the group, the course assignment will be next correspondence list so new courses will be assigned to this person as well, and de-assigned in case of [music] this person leaves the group.