The help page and sample courses available in Geenio


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The help page and sample courses available in Geenio

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Max (Courselle)

Max: First, well, let me say that the first thing users see once he or she signs up for a subscription, this is the Help Page that has several previewed courses that will help to understand what Geenio is and how to use it for various tasks, so let's say this course shows main features of Geenio and then you can learn how to analyze the efficiency of learning process and how to do course assignments with these courses.

Finally, there is a sample course which shows how to build several identification method-, technologies with using Geenio as a tool. So, this is where you can start to learn the functionality and, also, there is a short video that explains all of the features in a brief.

And also, I just discovered that this is particularly helpful to understand what Geenio can do is to check out these courses from the course offer perspective, and all of these courses can be found in draft sections, so at any time you can go ahead and check how this actually built from inside. So, everything that you would see on this Help Page is built with Geenio, and you can actually steal some hints [music] and use those in your courses.