The pricing options of Geenio


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The pricing options of Geenio

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Max (Courselle)

Max: And let me just quickly talk about pricing. So, we've got four plans available. Three plans are sold through online shop. This is something that you can see on our official pricing page, and the one is completely free plan for instructors that have ten active users, five courses and two gigabytes of storage. This is completely free and it will be forever free, so if you're just, uh, if you just want to, to create online courses for a small group of people, or if you are a teacher and you want to explore this functionality, you can go with this subscription.

By the way, we've got a special offer for individual teachers that needs to go beyond this limit. So, if you are a teacher and you want to have, let's say 50 active users, we can offer it for free, but you would need just to contact us with this small platform. So, it's not only for enterprises, but for teachers too. Next, the Professional Plan. This includes 50 active users and it also introduces groups of users. So, if you need to manage groups of users, you will need to go with Professional Plan. That will cost $139 per month, and if you need some more. Let's say if you need more active users if you want to have Custom Branding, Role Management, API, and Export and Import feature, then you will need to go for Business Plan. That is actually the most popular plan for companies and it costs $330 per month. If you go for annual subscription, you've got two months for free, so there is a discount on annual subscriptions.

For enterprises, we do, now, custom pricing, depending on number of users and depending on user scenario. The price or number of things such as a dedicated support person, the level of ... agreement and so on and so forth. So, if you have more than 500 users, you would probably need to contact us for Enterprise Plan and we will talk about special offer that's used specifically for every company.

The very last thing that I wanted to tell about. Selling Geenio and purchasing Geenio. The main scenario is to provide Geenio via SAS so it would be completed hosted by our servers. We'll do all of the maintenance. However, if your company needs Geenio to be hosted on own premises, it is also possible on special conditions. It would require you to have subscription for 1,000 users and more, and purchase the subscription for three years. So that is the special condition for on premises use.